Welcome To A Brand New Youth Ki Awaaz

Posted on December 8, 2013 in Youth Ki Awaaz news

Yes, for those of you who’ve been visiting us for quite a while now, we’ve changed the look and feel of YKA – undergone a bit of a re-brand in terms of the design. With this new design, we hope to:

Have more content accommodated on the home page:

With focus on big news and opinions, YKA will now serve featured opinions to you right when you enter the website, without having to scroll too much. The featured panel delivers hard-hitting news and opinions from the last 48 hours.

Add more visual features such as graphs, charts and infographics on a regular basis.

Strengthening our political analysis, YKA will also focus a lot more on reportage on policy issues that directly affect the future of the current generation.
Vote Up-Down opinions:

Our comments section now gives you the power to also agree, or disagree by voting up or down an opinion you agree or disagree with, respectively.

With this redesign, we also plan to build a stronger community of writers and contributors around YKA, who write diverse opinions on crucial issues and topics. Moving ahead, we plan to strengthen our coverage on all categories mentioned in the menu bar above, on a daily basis.

To know how you can write on Youth Ki Awaaz, head to our submissions page here.