The 10 Commandments Of Arvind Kejriwal

Posted on January 24, 2014 in Lists, Politics

By Mayank Jain:

Love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him. The latest chief minister of Delhi has set innumerable benchmarks in terms of righteousness and civil movements which are unprecedented. The once-right hand of Anna Hazare has successfully been able to give wings to the imagination of the common man on the roads of Delhi and made it possible for him to ask for better governance and representation in the parliament.

arvind kejriwal

The man himself is one of his kind and he stands for the following commandments:

1. Representation to the common man:
From Jan Lokpal movement to the recent agitation against Delhi Police’s demeanour, the man is known for fighting for the people. He always puts the rights of the common man at the forefront and never shies away from fighting for his rights.

2. Non Violence:
Arvind Kejriwal might have strong arguments and counter arguments to the existing governance but the man has never resorted to violent means. What people term as ‘anarchy’, is the peaceful protest he carries out to make himself heard but it is too difficult to find Arvind Kejriwal lose his calm and getting violent.

3. The Work Must Go On:
One can only admire his sense of diligence and responsibility as the minister is hardly ever absent from his office and he did express regret of not being able to go to work on the day he fell ill. The man is an idle tireless worker who didn’t forget to carry his files to the protest venue to keep working while sitting on the road.

4. Honesty Is The Best Policy:
No matter what AAP and its followers think about changing the country or the governance; Arvind Kejriwal himself has never been misleading. He accepts the fact that challenges lay ahead of them and he is willing to learn but he is never too overconfident, or deceptive to hide his failures and weaknesses.

5. There Is Nothing Like Too Much Transparency:
The Aam Aadmi Party, under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal came out as one of the most transparent and accessible political parties. They utilized the power of word of mouth and social media to communicate each and every minute detail of the operations and plans for future. Each penny of donation the party received is accounted for right there on the website which is definitely a first for our regular corrupt democratic parties.

6. Corruption Is A Sin:
What started as a revolt against black money and rampant corruption in India made him the Chief Minister of the national capital and now he stands in the position to weed out corrupt officials from their very roots. The man stands as the icon of honest practices and his efforts in the direction are very commendable.

7. Feet On The Ground And The Head Held High, Always:
Our chief minister has been unlike any other we have had in Delhi; he is level headed and down to earth.The man has stayed true to his principles and he is still the ‘common man’ he fought so vehemently for. His bland sweaters and plain trousers bear testimony to the fact that he is in no mood for becoming elite.

8. ‘Swaraj’ is freedom:
Mahatma Gandhi fought for ‘Swaraj’ to kick out Englishmen from the country and now Arvind Kejriwal is fighting for self-rule which empowers people and lets them make their own decision. His idea of decentralized governance that is accountable and responsible won people over in no time who were tired of going through regulations and corrupt officials for every single issue.

9. Protect The Interests Of The Least Privileged:
Another impeccable characteristic of the AAP leader has been his ability to include each section of the society in his movement and making sure the least privileged of us all don’t get ignored in the ever bulging middle class. The party’s stand to stall FDI is also a move in the same direction but we can’t forget the mixed reactions it has received from different strata of the society.

10. Nothing Is Impossible With Determination:
The best thing about Arvind Kejriwal is his unfaltering courage and optimism to actually work and change things for better no matter what it takes. He is never shy of doing the dirty work himself and seeks to lead by example. We can all learn to be courageous and hopeful instead of being pessimistic about the results and work towards making dreams come true, exactly what he has done by winning 28 seats in the national capital in his dream debut.