These 12 Photos Of Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Will Make You Want To Go On A Street Shopping Spree

Posted on January 19, 2014 in Lists, PhotoNama

By Ashwini Rajpoot:

The birthplace of street fashion in Delhi, Sarojini Nagar market, lives up to its reputation of being a shopper’s paradise. I entered the market dazed by the sheer magnitude of clothes, a bubble of self-confidence rising in my throat as vendors from all directions craved for my attention. I ventured deeper into the market and ended up with clothes enough to last me an year and bargaining skills honed enough to last me a lifetime. It introduced me to a perfect combination of original designs as well as an army of clones of clothes and accessories from atrociously expensive brands like Zara. It redefines a divine shopping experience, as you walk away feeling satiated without going bankrupt.

Hence, the journey begins
Jingle all the way
Of clothes and vegetables
On sale, perpetually
‘लावारिस वाहन में बम हो सकता है’
An army of shoes
‘God’ manages to find a way inside
If Tommy can make it Sarojini can fake it
In relentless pursuit of customers
For the glutton in you!
The mysterious origins of the multitude of clothes in SN market
Walking out is always a happy ending