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28 Highly Anticipated Hollywood Movies Of 2014 That You Just Can’t Miss (With Trailers)!

Posted on January 23, 2014 in Culture-Vulture, Lists

By Vishakha Dahiya:

This one is for all the movie buffs out there who are anxiously waiting for the new releases. 2014 has a bucket load of movies in store for you. Let us have a quick tour of the Hollywood movies you just can’t afford to miss —

1) The Monuments Men

“It was the greatest art heist in history”

The movie is based on the book of the same title by Robert M. Edsel. The plot of the Monuments Men is truly captivating and a special treat for people who are into action thriller genre. The prime focus of the film is a platoon comprising of music directors, curators and art historians. They complete a task of going to Germany and bring back the artworks from the Nazis and return them to their rightful owners. This treasure hunt was put into action during the closing stages of World War II.

Release date- Jan 1 2014

2) 300: Rise of an empire

“Seize your glory”

For the lovers of 300, released earlier in 2007, this one is yet another intriguing upcoming movie brilliantly directed by Noam Murro based on Frank Miller’s upcoming prequel graphic novel Xerxes. The new posters released are intriguing and are sure to give you an adrenalin rush. Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles looks intense with god like features and a big, bloody sword. This sequel has replaced Gerard Butler with Eva Green

Warner Bros is releasing this film in 3D on March 7th, 2014.

3) Need for Speed

Coming from a successful series of prequels, this movie needs no introduction. Aaron Paul plays the lead role in the movie .The storyline breaks out into a cross country race to take revenge for a crime he was fixed into. Whether this is stylish pulp or something else, I’m game.

Don’t forget to pre-book your tickets as there is going to be another race outside the cinema hall as this blockbuster releases on March 14.

4) Divergent

For the fans of science fiction, Divergent is a blessing this year. It is based on a novel by Veronica Roth. The story goes into the future where people are divided into factions. “Tris Prior” has a secret — she is divergent, which means she doesn’t fit into any faction. Watch the movie and experience the intense physical and psychological tests Tris undergoes to save the people.

This film is one of a kind and is sure to keep you glued to the screen. Coming up soon on March 21.

5) Under the skin

A psychosexual horror movie is exactly the one to look forward to. In this bizarre sci-fi, Laura is an alien sent to Earth to gather information. The striking part being — she feeds on men she seduces. The movie gives disturbing and hypnotic images but nevertheless worth every minute. The release dates aren’t confirmed as yet.

Tentative release date — March 14

6) Noah

Movies like Noah are for a different audience who like to see their favourite actors play biblical dress up. It is a whopping $130 million movie and the trailers look promising too.

The release date is March 28.

7) Captain America

This movie promises the return of Sebastian Stan. The list of heroes is going to be the most striking feature of the movie — Black Widow, Maria Hill, Agent 13, Nick Fury and a new superhero – The Falcon.

The movie is sure to capture a promising audience and is set to be released on April 4.

8) Transcendence

Johnny Depp starring Transcendence is based on the concept of artificial intelligence. Will (Johnny Depp) is a computer scientist who is trying to map the human brain with euphoric technology. But after tragedy, his wife Evelyn must upload his own mind into a computer. And the twist begins.

Excited to watch it already? The release date is April 18.

9) The amazing spider man 2

This superhero is everyone’s favourite and is sure to win you over with its amazing plot. Being a spider-man has its peril— saving his countrymen from the daunting villains. His struggle begins and ends with himself.

In theatres — May 2 worldwide!

10) Nymphomaniac

This Lars Von tries’s erotic epic is there to cleanse all the wrong interpretations as it is more than just a ribald tale of sex. It is expected to be controversial and maybe intensely depressing — An interesting concoction. It sounds like a work of madness which is precisely why we’re genuinely looking forward to watching it.

Release date — Mar 21

11) X-Men: Days of future past

Marvel comics brings to you an uncanny storyline with your favourite characters all in one movie. A war for the survival of species across two time periods in order to make a historic remark that could save the future. The trailer reveals just enough to keep your attention growing. Movie out in theaters on May 23

12) Edge of tomorrow

“Live Die Repeat”

The catchy tagline speaks for itself. Directed by Doug Liman, this sci-fi flick is about a soldier fighting a war with aliens when he finds himself trapped in a time loop on the last day of the battle. Will he succumb to death or emerge stronger than ever?

Release date — June 6

13) Jersey Boys

Jersey boys is a musical biography of the “Four Seasons” ruling the hearts of people for more than 4 decades. The success story of a group of friends whose music has become symbolic for generations. From gambling to family disasters, it has the rabble of challenges that the band had to go through.

Release date — Tentative

Trailer not out yet.

14) Transformers — age of extinction

The fourth continuation of the popular film series directed by Michael Bay. It also promises a new cast along with older transformers Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. A real treat for the fans worldwide. Michael Bay is a director who never stagnates.

Release date — June 27

Trailer not out yet.

15) Jupiter Ascending

Few filmmakers have a surreal filmmaking style which makes a movie sound promising. A science fiction fairy tale with Mila Kunis playing Jupiter Jones whose life goes for a toss when she unexpectedly lands in sci-fi territory. This Warner Bro epic is a must watch as it brings together some of the most eclectic star cast together.

Release date — July 18

16) Hercules

“Every man has a destiny”

Hercules — the son of Zeus, and a demigod is blessed with an extraordinary strength. A perfect blend of action and adventure. We can’t wait to see what film making tricks Brett Ratner has in store for us.

Release date — 25 July

Trailer not out yet.

17) Lucy

This does look an interesting script with Scarlett Johansson turning into a meta- human. She gets an inordinate power which lets her absorb information in fraction of seconds and keeps her immune from feeling pain or other discomforts. It appears to be yet another interesting superhero film. If nothing else, we will be intrigued to watch how well Scarlett Johansson carries off this role.

Release date — August 8

Trailer not out yet.

18) Sin City — A dame to kill for

Most definitely a must watch! Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller bring together a visually stunning “Sin City”. It is a sequel of the Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’.

In theatres — 22 August

Trailer not out yet.

19) Jane got a gun

The cast is rounded by Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, and Joel Edgerton amongst others. The crux of the story is about a woman who takes help of her ex-lover to save her husband from a gang out to kill him. We’re already getting clues about the storyline that might follow. But we look forward to finding out more on August 29th.

20) Gone girl

Based on Gillian Flynn’s bestseller, “Gone girl” is about a woman who covertly vanishes on her 5th wedding anniversary. Only time will tell whether the movie will match up to the levels of eminence of the novel, but with characters listed on IMDB with names like Rosamund Pike, Ben Afflek, we can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Release date — October 3

Trailer not out yet.

21) Interstellar

The sci-fi script surrounding inter-dimensional travel trying to use wormholes to find an arable land for human survival. It is based on the work of the physicist Kip Thorne. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, Interstellar is looking like your best bet.

Release date — Nov 7

22) The hunger games — Mocking jay Part I

The first half of the Hunger Games book is adapted in this series. As rumour has it, Natalie Dormer has shaved her head for the movie. Another good thing about the movie is that it already has made a symbolic mark by topping the Fandango’s list of most-anticipated movie of 2014. But as they say, never judge a movie by its trailer, we will wait to see if all the acclamation is worth it.

Trailer not out yet.

23) Exodus

This religious epic is based on the “bible book of exodus”. With Noah also getting released with the same biblical storyline, it will be a tough competition between the two blockbusters of the year. The movie is directed by the Ridley Scott known for “Gladiator”, “Robin Hood” and many more. Ridley is undoubtedly a master of historical-epic movies. With Christian Bale playing Moses, Exodus is definitely a must watch.

Release date — December 12

Trailer not out yet.

24) Into the woods

The plot is about a witch who conspires to teach important lessons to popular children’s stories like Little red riding hood, Cinderella and Rapunzel to name a few. If truth be told, we just can’t wait for this lethal combination of fantasy and music to be released in theaters soon. And the mere presence of Johnny Depp and Anna Kendrick in the movie makes this enigmatic project worth looking forward to.

Release date — 25 December

Trailer not out yet.

25) FoxCatcher

The movie is based on Olympic wrestling gold medallist Mark Schultz’s autobiography. This psychological drama is directed by Bennett Miller and starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Vanessa Redgrave and Sienna Miller. Based on actual events, the storyline is gripping. The movie was dropped out of Oscar’s in 2013 as its release date was postponed to 2014.

Release date — Tentative

Trailer not out yet.

26) Inherent Vice

A crime comedy movie based on the novel of same name by Thomas Pyncon. Even those familiar with the novel can’t be too sure about what to expect from the movie. It’s a mystery at the moment but the director/writer of the movie Paul Thomas Anderson has won the benefit of doubt. For those who are incongruous of the novel, the story is about a detective who investigates the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend.

Release date — Tentative

Trailer not out yet

27) Unbroken

Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken is a war drama film based on the life of an athlete Louis Zamperini who survived being a prisoner of war by the Japanese during WWWII. The global icon is legit and with “Unbroken” she has only flared more.

Release date — 25 December

Trailer not out yet.

28) The Hobbit: There and back again

The end to the hobbit movie trilogy, this movie promises an action packed December and a visual treat to its viewers. The Dwarfs (Thorin and his company) enter Smaug’s (The Dragon) lair. It is to be seen if they can win back their ancestral home Erebor from the mighty dragon. The movie will bear the trademarks of perfectionist director peter Jackson and you can keep you expectations high. If you are into fantasy movies this one is for you.

Release date — 17 December

Trailer not out yet.