55 Percentile Without Attempting A Single Question; Absurd CAT Scores Should Be Investigated

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Specials

By Swati Nandy:

After the CAT 2013 results, more than 3000 students have reported discrepancies in their scores. A student from Delhi has scored 99 percentile in Quantitative section but has only scored 28 percentile in the Verbal Section. Another candidate from Chennai has scored 93 percentile in the Verbal Section but only managed a 34 percentile in the Quantitative Section. Numerous examples of such absurd scores have been reported across the country.

CAT resultsThere has also been a case where a person who has not attempted a single question has received a 55 percentile. Most of us are aware that the ST cut off for the newer IIMs is 55 percentile. That clearly means that if you are an ST and you leave your entire paper blank you clearly stand a chance to get a coveted seat at the newer IIMs. Is that fair?

Some candidates have left their jobs and prepared for an entire year to crack the CAT. A guy reported that he had prepared for an entire year and had score above 90 percentile in the Mock CATs. He was expecting around 98 percentile. He was shocked at having received just 20 percentile. Although his Verbal section scores were above 90 percentile, he received very low scores in the Quantitative Section.

Since the IIMs have already started their admission procedures, there is no time left for the reprisal of grievances of these candidates. A Facebook group called CAT 2013 — Discrepancy was opened which currently has more than 2000 members. If you feel that either your scores need to be re- evaluated or CAT 2013 needs to be held again, then join this group. Articles have been published in leading newspapers today, addressing this issue. There is also a petition in change.org that has received 3000 signatures. Click here for the petition. 

Although RTI has been filed by most candidates and some are seeking the court to file a PIL, the IIM Indore convener has replied to most candidates stating that scores will not be changed. When it is the future of so many candidates that is at stake, should there be no investigation against the methodologies taken up by IIMs for normalization of the scores?