7 Signs That Show How Terrified You Are To Graduate From Your Final Year Of College!

Posted on January 31, 2014 in Education, Lists, Specials

By Ruchi Bambha:

The time spent in college is surely one of the best times of our lives. We are exposed to the new found liberty after more than a decade of boredom from monotonous school life. At one end, we miss our school friends and at the other end we are extremely ebullient to try new things with our college friends. Hostel becomes your home and friends become your family for the next three to four years. And so, the end of your college life terrifies you.

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Here are 7 signs that show that you are in your final year of college life and are panic stricken.

1. You spend less time at canteen and more time in classrooms – Your life takes a 360 degree paranormal turn during the last semester of your college life. It’s the time you realize that you should have studied right from the beginning of your first year and stay panicky for the rest of the time left. The blank or doodled notebooks are finally used for taking down notes.

2. You may even start noticing the notice board — It dawns on you all of a sudden that you still are clueless about your future and hence chase seminars by various professionals to get an insight into what to do. You are on a continuous lookout for any information regarding seminars or special lectures. You start attending those seminars which were the brunt of your jokes in the past, even if attending those would mean sacrificing your precious afternoon nap on college desks.

3. You befriend the toppers and linger around the photocopy shop — You might have despised toppers all your life for their affection with tests and their attitude of blasphemy towards mass bunks. You mock them for their punctuality while you sit like a boss at your last bench. However, in your last semester when you realize you need decent marks to get a good CGPA in order to hide your past sins, your hope relies on the toppers for the notes, tips and tricks. You smile at them without any reason to be more than just an acquaintance to them.

The man at the photocopy shop famously referred to as the “photocopy wale bhaiya” transforms into your real sibling. You are mostly seen at his shop and it is only after his job that your real job begins (to rote).

4. Parties! – You may pretend to be a stud to your juniors and may have narrated them some of your wild escapades but deep down you know there are many things you still have not tried and many clubs you still have not visited. So, amid all your mocks and tests, you plan to go to fancy looking clubs or some outstation resorts or hill stations to give a cool end to your college life.

5. You might see the interior of your college library for the first time – There is a huge chance that you may render your divine presence at the library for the first time in your last year. Piles of dusty books make you feel that you are in some alien land. There are chances you might falter in issuing the book and come out hurriedly with a hot flush of embarrassment.

6. Placement – This is one word which you hear a lot in your final year. Your face looks tense until you get placed. Words like roles, responsibilities, and career are pumped into your system. You know that every tom dick harry will ask about your placement and thus you run with your resume from one office to another since the days with regular monthly pocket money will soon end.

7. Love – Either you garner courage to finally tell your crush about your feelings or mourn about the fact that in the coming years you will not be able to see him/her every morning.

You are terrified that your world is changing and will completely transform after some days as you will lose touch with most of your friends and will get ready to face the other end of the world that talks about money, career etcetra.