As An ‘Aam Aadmi’, I Feel Disillusioned By The Tragic Degradation Of AAP In Delhi

Posted on January 23, 2014 in Politics

By Vivek Sugandh:

When AAP emerged as a Napoleon out of Delhi elections, it infused a ray of hope among the beleaguered public that finally a pro-people party has come for the rescue of the mango people. A baggage full of promises, mandate from the people and the unusual support from the congress had elevated Mr. AK to the position of CM, thereby culminating 15 year reign of the Congress. This followed celebrations and wider support for the erstwhile party. The party rode to worldwide prominence with open support from the Indian diaspora and the educated class. The victory of AAP was seen as a victory of Indian democracy and a lesson for the big guns, but time has seriously changed now.


“Governance is easier said than done”. This befits the recent political turmoil in the Indian capital. The rape of a Danish woman, protests from and against AAP in the midst of Republic Day preparations and the anarchist behavior of the CM has led to a staggering disappointment among people and has left the metropolis in a quandary. The party, with is complete socialist inclinations, made announcements relating to assured water supply, power tariff subsidies and FDI rollback. Was it prudent? It appears as if the party is emulating the Usain Bolt in politics through its hastily designed decisions. The rollback of FDI policy is unwarranted and appalling. As per the rules, States were given freedom regarding the decision to allow FDI in multi brand retail or not and Sheila Dixit’s govt. gave assent to it. AAP govt. cannot de-notify it as it’s under the Centre’s regime. This rollback announcement, although rejected by the Centre, presents India as a banana republic with leaders dilly dallying in policy decisions. Without going into the intricacies of FDI desirability in multi brand retail (As much has been written about), I must say, it is irresponsible from the part of a newly elected government to do away with decisions (having international repercussions) taken by former ones. This is very similar to 1977 Janata party government, which was much busy with punishing ills committed by the Indira’s government during the tragic emergency. The janata party government crumbled 2 years later.

Even the relationship of the party leader has gone into rough weather with his previous companions, as Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi are openly speaking against him. An IITian CM’s terming Lokpal Act as a ‘jokepal’ shows his disrespect for the system. This recently passed bill is a phenomenal success for Indian people as a whole (Read ‘a robust Lokpal: The Statesman’). The party’s inner conflict has become public with an errand MLA going against the high command. Party’s combatant to Rahul Gandhi, Kumar Vishwas has shattered the “vishwas” shown by the public on him. His absurd and filthy speeches have made this party look very general.

Somnath Bharti’s mounting vigilante-style midnight raid on African residents has international ramifications as well. The woman was forced to give urine sample in public. He alleged that the police paid no heed to the complaints with regard to these women involved in prostitution and drug trafficking. In a country which is already facing the global ire for its aggravated condition of women, this step of the state law minister is undesirable. No one can deny that the Delhi police have become unruly but the way chosen by Arvind Kejriwal to protest outside the home minister’s residence is unjustifiable. His mission to create disorder near the Home Minister’s house looks like a protagonist turned anti-hero of Bollywood films. Bringing Police under the State government has been a decade old demand in Delhi. This demand has been in Washington D.C. as well to take the police control away from the federal government of US. Central control is required in a capital city although, states can be given some control regarding law and administration.

AK has to realize that he is no more the same activist but the CM. His deformation from ‘Main Aam Aadmi hoon’ to ‘Main anarchist hoon’ is going to blemish his reputation by leaps and bounds. ‘I will do it’ sounds good but ‘only I will do it’ sound authoritarian. With some metro stations shut, the common people have to bear the brunt of his adamancy. This orchestrated dharna, in the midst of Republic day accompanied with high profile visit of Japanese PM as chief guest, appears pernicious.

As an aam aadmi, I feel disillusioned by this tragic degradation of the political scene in Delhi. People have seen a vision in AAP with AK as an ‘incarnation’ of change in Delhi, but it looks like a political battlefield now. This party is slowly losing its sheen and is playing a part in stalling the progress of the country. It has been doing things in hustle without taking any responsibility and wishes to fight LS elections. The party has to seriously rethink about its policies, methods and choice of people to avoid being branded as a ‘great letdown’. India has seen many movements which have finally culminated into a political party without much amelioration of the system.

Undoubtedly, AAP has a cutting edge but for the time being it appears as if an expectation has gone a bit “Haywire”.