An Appeal To All Young Writing Enthusiasts: Wield The Pen And Make Change Happen!

Posted on January 14, 2014 in Culture-Vulture, Education

By Amirah Ikram:

I write. I do not write everyday not even every month. But when I do, I write for myself. Writing for myself doesn’t mean that I write with no intentions of getting my work published. I would be happy if my words would benefit others and would open a new beautiful world in front of them. Now, this is the real question.


I do not know if my ideas and the way I perceive things will come as a great piece of work written in an erudite manner to fascinate every reader, compelling them to give their lock and key of the chest of imagination and wonder in my hand. I do not know if I am strong enough to help them. By helping, I do not mean to show them the right way or help them in enhancing their imaginative skills; all that I mean by helping is to trigger a sense of magic in their mind, a magic which would help them to associate with my thoughts.

After all, no writer writes just to please the readers. I know this sounds absurd, but really. Young writers, when they start writing, explore the world. They write about different things, each having their own perspectives. They do not write to please the readers. They write to start a revolution to which the readers may or may not respond. So, when one gets a huge fan following, it is because most of the readers begin to hand over their locks and keys to the writer. All this is a web. They speak ill about your ideas because they, inspite of trying, have failed miserably. But who are these ‘they’? It is everyone who doesn’t write.

Young writers, I am a part of you. When you write, please write for yourself. And do not let ‘them’ disturb you. Do not let ‘them’ comment on your work who cannot take the weight of pen in their hands. Your work might not be the best piece of literature, but it is the best part of you. Every page or line written is undoubtedly the best page written by you. Be revolutionary and visionary with words. And fight your battle on paper.