Is The Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP) Destroying Quality Education In Delhi University?

Posted on January 30, 2014 in Education

By Vishakha Dahiya:

Delhi University is a renowned educational institution in India. Every year we witness a huge number of applicants trying their best to get an admission there so that they have a chance to get educated by some of the best teachers of the country. However, the recent changes in the academic structure have brought the students at odds with the top academic committee of the university. The Vice Chancellor of DU, Dinesh Singh, might have to face the brunt until things get sorted out or at least till people see the change being executed successfully.


Let us see how FYUP works in DU –

– The FYUP was implemented from July 2013, spread across 8 semesters over 4 years.

– Introduction of 11 new “mandatory” foundation courses to choose from.

– Contrary to three year programme, FYUP will allow students to choose from both a major and a minor subject for specialization. This will be decided at the time of admission.

– One of the marked features of this programme is allowing students to study interdisciplinary courses irrespective of their stream of specialization. That means if you are an Arts student and Physics fascinates you as much, you might as well choose to study Physics as your minor.

– There will be 3 exit points —

1) Those who complete 2 years and exit the course will be awarded an “Associate Baccalaureate” degree

2) If you decide to quit the course after 3 years you receive a “Baccalaureate” degree.

3) If you survive all 4 years, you will be offered a “Honours” or a “B.Tech” degree

– No student will be held back in the semesters if he/she doesn’t manage to pass all the courses.

“Nothing fair”, “roll back FYUP”, “Burdened not nurtured”

With slogans like these, FYUP is clearly not welcomed by the students who are looking forward to getting admission in DU. Its reputation is at stake as they call it a “historic” movement. The new FYUP has become the talk of the town. Recently, a large number of students protested on the streets of Delhi and held debates as part of “Save Delhi University Campaign”. The main concern of the students was that they feel burdened with excessive work in terms of project work, GD, presentations etc. Students coming from mediocre schools with a fear of public speaking will be the worst sufferers. They also had doubts on the capabilities of the teachers to teach the new foundation courses. Many teachers feel betrayed and don’t stand responsible for the FYUP as their feedback was not considered while bringing in this change. DU might also need to roll out new vacancies as many teachers have opposed FYUP. The big questions is – Is DU infra-structurally prepared to bring in this change of introducing 1 extra year? I have my doubts on that.

The University is only focused on “producing” job ready individuals. One of the DU students said — “We are fully against FYUP. It is indirectly opening ways for foreign universities and inviting them. This will lead to privatization of education whereas education needs to be responsibility and priority of the government in a developing country like ours.”

Many people have come forward and signed a petition against this introduction of extra 1 year course in academics. DU Students’ mass delegation to Delhi CM for affordable education, transport and accommodation has been called by the All India Students’ Associaton (AISA) on some very crucial issues faced by the students. The demands are of immediate action regarding:

· Concessional student metro pass And metro feeder facility for all colleges.

· Uniform concessional student bus pass for all AC, Non-AC, Cluster Buses.

· Regulation of room rent, arranging affordable accommodation, ending the exploitation of students by the broker-landlord nexus.

· Scraping FYUP. Awarding Honours degree in 3 years to the current batch.

A Dharna has also been called by the ABVP on 15 January followed by a strike on 17 January 2014. Pamphlets were distributed urging students to join hands in this mass movement.

The FYUP was formulated in less than a year. Well, faster than the introduction of the LokPal Bill . And yes, all said in sarcasm. With everything said and done, I hope the enthusiasm among the students to study in DU doesn’t fade away. DU is one the most amazing places to study in and we can only hope that it continues the legacy of mentoring the best minds in the country.