Does Your New Year Resolution Include Taking Up Or Developing A Hobby? Here’s Why It Should

Posted on January 3, 2014 in Specials

By Pavan Mayur:

Why is hobby so important? It is important because it is one trait which shows how we are unique from others, it shows how imaginative we can be. Hobby is a type of stress buster too, it helps us relax after hectic work.


Here are a few reasons why hobby is important and everyone should take up or cultivate one:

1. Happiness:

Most of us work somewhere we do not like because of not having an alternate option to survive. Though we live by doing the so called work without satisfaction, we can make our mind happy by pursuing our interests after the day’s work or during weekends. For example, many of us want to do service to the society but cannot give full commitment owing to financial difficulty, social service as a hobby during weekends will appease you to some extent.

2. Stress buster:

We all know that everyone has a hectic schedule in our daily lives. A common man has to do exhaustive work for hours at the work place, one or the other time we feel bored, dejected or frustrated at the work place because of various reasons. The best way to overcome this is by cultivating small hobbies at the work place which can counter the monotony.

3. As a means to discover and re-discover your talents

Our job can recognize and utilize our ability and competence to some extent, but it take more than that to recognize one’s hidden talents. By pursuing a hobby, one may discover that there are hidden talents which they did not know about so far!

4. As a chance to share

Different people have different hobbies, so there will be a unique thing in every person to share with other people. Those who like photography like to click pictures and share their photos in websites which are exclusively for photo sharing, hobbies like theatre enable us to showcase our talents to people during college functions, school functions and also helps to raise awareness in the society during agitations and movements. Invest some time in cultivating a good hobby, it is a gift you can give to yourself that shall be enriching and rewarding for the rest o f the life.

5. As an alternative career option

Many people have made a flourishing career out of their hobbies, this type of career is more enjoyable because of the fact that your career and work is also a source of income and relaxation. When you take up a hobby or pursue the one you have with a sense of purpose, it will surely bear fruits.

With all these benefits, there’s really no downside to dedicating a little bit of your time to a hobby. So, head on to find yourself something new to stimulate your mind, fuel your body or nurture your soul!