This One Picture Will Tell You How Bangalore Protested Against Section 377

Posted on January 27, 2014 in LGBTQ, Society, Taboos

Bangalore came out to protested against Section 377 – the draconian section of the Indian Penal Code that criminalizes gay sex between consenting adults, and other forms of unnatural sex.

Bangalore youth came out in the Bangalore metro to protest against Section 377. Below is a photograph of the protest that showcases how Bangalore youth came out, boldly, to demonstrate that consensual sex cannot and must not be regulated.

Reddit user, runningeek summed it up well, “More young people need to make themselves heard by making such regular, public statements without making a nuisance. Make them know you are regular people like everyone else and your voice, your opinion, and your right to live the way you want to live in this country matters too.
Kudos! Keep the fire burning!”

Source: Reddit