Wink To Take Pictures With Google Glass And Forget All About Your Privacy

Posted on January 1, 2014 in Sci-Tech

By Swatilekha Chakrabortty:

Over the years man has evolved with the evolving technology. Pace and meaning of the lives we live has changed. And so has man’s needs and wants with time. From requiring their own rooms (mainframe computers), we have fit in computers to our palms and pockets. And now, the new buzz is “Google Glass”- the head-mounted glasses that can shoot video, take pictures, and broadcast what you’re seeing to the world.

google glass

Google has confirmed a new, unique feature- wink to take pictures.
“Whether it’s capturing an amazing sunset on an evening walk, or photographing your receipt for the lunch you’ll need to expense, you can now stay in the moment and wink to take a picture instantly. If you want to turn it on, just swipe over to Settings“, said Google in its announcement.

Sure, it is one more leap for the fast advancing tech run-around. But a major question erupts in everybody’s mind-what will be the impact of this in our private lives? Coming to think about it from a practical point of view, we don’t want our lives captured with a discreet feature like a wink. Still, one might just think, where’s the harm? The harm lies in the very fact that it is Google- A company that has time and again breached our fair concept of privacy (Google Buzz, Row over Street view pictures etc.) So, our used to definition of privacy is quite different from Google’s own concept of it.

The question is- how far can we let technology invade our everyday lives? We have already taken this to a point where we have mostly alienated ourselves from the surroundings. We have already seen numerous cases where technology has been misused to an extent that it has rendered the advancement as a bane. We are already living in a world where the boundaries of public and private are melting away slowly.

Now, with the Glass on, and the possibility of capturing everything around you, without even bothering for the consent- we can only leave the consequences to imagination. And what about the people? How would they realize the fact that they are being captured? There is no chance of a warning. No chance of refuting to what we want to be captured and what not.

So, I belief we have reached a point where we need to analyse how far can we let technology intervene our daily lives. Analyse what is needed and what is redundant. Because technology is for man’s betterment. It is to make one’s life easy going and not to put a burden on every step we take.