Arvind Kejriwal Resigns: What”s Next For Delhi?

Posted on February 14, 2014 in Politics

By Mayank Jain:

The story: Arvind Kejriwal has resigned. Yes, that’s true. After 49 days of high voltage governance in the Delhi assembly, the Chief Minister has decided to step down. The decision comes after the Jan Lokpal Bill was not allowed to be tabled in the Delhi Assembly after his continued attempts. Congress and BJP had joined hands to protest vehemently against the bill as it puts their ministers in the red.


The announcement came right from the party headquarters where he wrote his resignation and waved it through the window towards people while addressing his party workers, volunteers and public at large. He recounted his success in tackling corruption and working for the common man by reducing prices of electricity as well as water. He appeared quite satisfied with his own term but expressed strong discontentment against the collusion of the two major opposition parties.


He didn’t forget to mention Mukesh Ambani as the source of corporate-political nexus that is ruining Indian industry as well as politics. He also questioned the funds of BJP and Congress which according to him, come from Mukesh Ambani. He emphasized dissolution of assembly and fresh elections.

Delhi is now headed for President’s rule for at least some time as BJP has declined to form the government directly to CNN-IBN. Harsh Vardhan Gupta denied the party’s will to form the government as BJP doesn’t have the numbers.

The Opinion: Kejriwal turned out to be a rather confused man on a throne bigger than he could handle with his limited number of hands. Excessive political pressure is a reality of Indian politics and only the ones with thick skin and tenacity, manage to go forward. Arvind Kejriwal, despite all his good intentions, failed to make a lasting impact as he couldn’t manage the opposition from parties and other political circles.

A man of his intellect could have taken to diplomacy and political tactics to get the job done instead of quitting or holding the city at ransom by scaring people with his resignation. He had the time and opportunity to do real things but he chose to quit too early in the hope of a re-election with a favourable result.

Though unlikely, even if it happens, the dynamics of politics won’t change. Kejriwal has to shed his straightforward principles and develop a fluid, lofty side which can help him win over opposition diplomatically without having to compromise on his own position. 49 days aren’t enough for any government to make some lasting changes and with the resignation just because of Jan Lokpal Bill, he failed himself and the chance he got from the people of Delhi.

Game of this throne has just been thrown wide open and only a miracle can save Delhi from more chaos now. Who will be the magician this time?