Janardan Dwivedi Makes Sweeping Statement About Reservations In India: Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Posted on February 4, 2014 in Politics

JanardanDwivediThe News: At a time when the Congress party seems to be harping on the minority sub-quota pursuit, supporting reservation in promotion of SCs/STc and appears favourably disposed towards reservation for Jats, senior Congress leader, Janardan Dwivedi called for an end to reservation on caste lines and urged Rahul Gandhi to introduce quota for financially weaker sections bringing all communities under its ambit – and has raised many eye-brows.

“This (reservation on caste lines) should have come to an end. Why it did not happen so far was because vested interests got into the process. Does the real needy person even among the Dalits and backward castes get the benefits of reservation? Those in the upper crust of these communities only avail the benefits. There is a difference between social justice and casteism.

“The concept of social justice has now turned into casteism… I believe there is a need to dismantle this… Since Rahul Gandhiji is seeking views of people directly for the party manifesto, I am now urging him that he should take a bold decision,” the party general secretary said. Full story here.

The Opinion: Reservation and quota for the marginalized castes has long been a development issue in India. Much discussed and debated, the Congress party has always come across as a party favouring reservations and quota – be it for political reasons and vote bank appeasement, or for other reasons.

However, a large section of the urban youth population believes that reservations based on caste are unfair since a large chunk of young people who are from marginalized castes but are from an influential economic background often misuse this reservation and get through the colleges, educational institutes and jobs they desire, thus leaving the people who really deserve reservations far far behind – and further marginalized.

This piece by Gitanjali Maria here explains why reservations should be based on economic background only and not based on a person’s caste, however, this piece by Devyani Nath argues in favour of caste based reservations.

What do you think?