ACT: People From North East India Are Discriminated Against And Bullied, How Can We End This?

Posted on February 7, 2014 in Campaign, Society, unManifesto

On the 30th of January, 2014, a 19 year old young boy from Arunachal Pradesh was beaten up by shopkeepers who first mocked him, making fun of his hair, and later picked a fight with him. On the 31st of January, Nido was found dead in his room, allegedly because of his injuries from the fight.

Nido Taniam’s is not the first case of racial discrimination in India, against Indians from different ethnic backgrounds. In the past, people from many other cities have been known to discriminate against people from North East Indian states – reaching the level of inflicting violence, harassment, sexual and physical abuse and even murder.

The need of the hour is to end this culture of racism and discrimination but no one person can do it alone. We all must come together and put an end to this menace.

Join the unManifesto discussion here and tell how we can put an end to this rampant racism. Your inputs and suggestions will be delivered to various political parties – both national and regional, with the delivery of the unManifesto. Join now and comment in the comment box here.

You should also join the unManifesto campaign here to speak up on more issues you feel passionately for.

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