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Putting A Man In A Woman’s Spot. If This Video Doesn’t Make You Cringe I Don’t Know What Will

This is what sexism looks like.

Just like this video shows, women face violence and harassment every day of their lives, with endless stories coming to light. Read:

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  1. Jaya Jain

    Although I have always been a big fan of things posted on YKA, they are usually well-researched and responsible messages, I am extremely disappointed and disturbed right now. Feminism isn’t about men stifling women. It isn’t about them being able to rape men and getting away with the rape and victim blaming. Feminists strive for a society that offers equal opportunities to both men and women. Where your gender doesn’t matter. This is shameful.

    1. rationalboy

      This is a video where guys play the current situation women are in and the girls play roles of typical current males. This is not a representation of what feminists strive for. This is a video to make men understand a woman’s POV

    2. Shaun

      Well it fails miserably let me tell you why, because its about peoples actions NOT men’s actions but the video tries to make out like its a role reversal that really it’s only men that act this way but here women do, but it fails because that’s not reality, men and women act this way in real life so to pretend its only a fault of men is the biggest joke I’ve seen

    3. Ritu

      Hi Shaun,

      I read all of your responses to this video and frankly i am really happy to see someone trying to express opinion and accept responses to it, rather than outrightly dismissing the video or the point of the video.

      However, i think we all need to understand that this is not a ‘dig’ at men / women / feminism or any one/thing else for that matter. It is just a protrayal of what a woman may go through on any day of her life. Just that it is portrayed in such a stark way, that the human mind will be FORCED to think about it. Showing a man as the victim in this video is just a way to capture attention and send the intended message strongly.

      That being said, id like to add that wether this happens to women (which is v common, extremely common in my country) OR to men, its is still a criminal act ! There should be no argument at all on that. every person on this planet should contribute his/her bit to eliminating this crime! Put your force behind this cause – forget feminism, patriarchy, matriarchy – al these are philosophies – but each one of us must bear in mind that such acts are open and ruthless violation of one’s rigth to live freely and to preserving one’s dignity.

      The video – it shows various nunances very subtly – the dialogues of the lady talking about the society meeting, of the burqa clad keeper of the nursery, and opening of the shirt button for air made for very subtle points. Further, showing the man lone and surrounded by a society teaming with women (police station, alleys etc.) also amplified the feeling of being alone that i get when i think of approaching someone for justice or even just to talk to… Nicely made video. Though it put many people on the defensive, as can be seen from comments, but it has sparked particpation and debate. Such debate is deeply needed.

      Sorry, long post….couldnt resist..

    4. Himanshu Ranjan

      How can there be equal opportunities in a society unless women have liberty, security and perception same as men? This video is sarcastic to the male attitude which views women as a symbol of sexism and exploits them. It is more like putting oneself in the other shoe.

    5. Japleen Pasricha

      Hi, I think you misunderstood the film. This isn’t feminism and neither are they (the filmmakers) portraying it that way. when the guy he uses the word feminist, the filmmakers are hinting at the common usual notion how feminism is perceived, that is all feminists want power, hate men, want superiority over men, etc. You see they are using reverse psychology. Plus the movie is about ‘this is how it feels when you (men) do this with us (women)’. It is in no way advocating that ‘this is how the world should be’.

    6. Mahitha Kasireddisireddi

      Well said Japleen!

    7. Aditya Bhutra

      only the last few seconds while she is walking alone says wot u told. as there should be that women should be equal and have the same liberty as men and not fear of what can happen to her. but the rest of the movie is about dominance power to girl and showing men treat women wrong so women do the same then how it feels, which is wrong because if there has to be equality then sometimes men has to do wot they are doing and women has to do wot they are as its going till now and roles can shift as and when it is required or seen comfortable from both side. Like working: men has majority but women are no less so if a man is comfortable staying back home taking care of kids her wife is ok with it and wants to work then she should and not think of wot society would think n say than only there will be a change in thought and evolution.

    8. shaan

      how can u blame all men for the present scenario….women are also responsible for their conditions….even all the fingers are not of same measure in a hand….

    9. sherina

      Jus a video asking one to ‘put oneself in anothers shoe’
      Nuthing more nuthing less

    10. pranav jain

      this isnt shameful…the barbaric country we live in…videos like these r needed to shake up the society…men especially….the only way to conquer the problems we r facing is by instilling fear in men…fear of the consequences, of their actions….we need to start cutting off hands and feet of the rapists, then, maybe someone will thin k twice before doing it….there’s no other solution.

    11. Eamonn

      bit much and misconstruded

    12. generic man

      Or men could hold each other responsible and stop nurturing this environment where sex is a contest, and rape jokes are funny. Parents need to parent, men need to hold each other to a higher standard. Chivalry is not dead it’s just out numbered.

    13. Shaun

      I know women that make rape jokes and also find them funny so dont make this about men because its not, no matter how much you want to blame an entire sex for it

    14. Shaun

      That’s right blame men again, if you ever want to know why your never getting anywhere in life try looking at that post you just made and realise blaming half the population blaming an entire sex for the problems of the world rather than the specific type of people that cause it, and this is why men laugh at people like yourself because unlike a lot of women there are some like yourself that just want blame us and convince themselves that women never do that sort of thing

    15. Shaun

      Thank you I’m so glad to see a female that sees this for what it is, some women end up believing that its only men that could do this and be this way when in this day an age its both sexes making it about people not a sex, I support women that stand up for themselves just not when they use an entire sex or race as their defence

    16. PK

      Wow, Shaun. You’re a men’s rights apologetic aren’t you? With all this angry “Oh right, blame the men again!” Your rampant and poorly-typed posts have pushed me to post this.

      This has nothing to do with “women are being hypocrites, they do the same thing!” or blaming half the population. It’s certainly true some women can and do make those kinds of jokes — however, as an example, a man never is taught to feel unsafe walking home at night. That extreme root of gender inequality is exactly the point that the movie is trying to make.

      It is still seen as socially acceptable to call women sluts if they wear too little clothing, raping a woman walking around at night because “she had it coming”, or how about that popular “Blurred Lines” song where men are still figuring out when consent is consent, instead of being able to accept no? Alternatively, “no” is when someone is too inebriated to be able to say so. Notice how Blurred Lines was sang by men, and not a woman. How many songs sung by women talk about rape as if it’s acceptable? Very few in comparison, I’d wager.

      Oh and your favourite example, the gang of women hiding out and sexually assaulting the protagonist being unrealistic — REALLY? How out of touch *are* you? Like I said before, there’s a reason why women are discouraged to walk around alone at night. Why is that not the same for men? Hmmm?

      I realize men get raped too, and it’s pretty tragic how their reports get dismissed quickly. But this is about inequality, so let’s go back: How many roaming gangs of women rape men in comparison to the amount of men that gang rape women? They might not be hiding in a back alley, but there’s definitely machismo frat boys who’ve thought it’d be all in good fun to surround a woman and rape the living shit out of her. Not even getting into rape discussion because that’s a whole other topic in which rape culture on a whole for both sexes needs to end, permanently.

      The whole point of the movie was to reverse it all around and realize day-to-day actions are actually sometimes trivializing and demeaning to women every day. To think next time, maybe a woman does not like to be so quickly dismissed because she was sexually harassed. It is a real problem, and being dismissive of it by saying “Oh men get it the same boo hoo” is making you part of the problem.

      (Sorry for the tl;dr I just wanted to cohesively put together my thoughts on all this and some of the replies.)

    17. Jaya Jain

      Most of what you said above is true. Gender discrimination IS a problem, the world IS unsafe for us women and a lot of people DON’T understand the meaning of consent. However, saying that we must turn tables is wrong. It’s true that we would like not to be dismissed, but that doesn’t mean we want to live in a society that the video proposes. My problem with the video is that it seems to say that this is what feminists/women want (because God forbid men be feminists). Most of us just want gender to not be such a big part of our life, and the video portrays the exact opposite of that, and that’s why I have a problem with it. Harassment and victim blaming is never ok, no matter who it is dished out to.

    18. ItsJustMe

      Women are taught to be insecure really? Or they just feel insecure? How many roaming gangs of men rape women in India 4 in 100000 people gets raped in India and 30 in 100000 gets raped in USA. Do you see women abstaining from going out in USA, do they stop going to dark streets or doing their jobs or living their lives the way they want? Its because they are truly empowered women, it is an attitude and confidence. It is not because USA is way safer than India. It is not the soceity or the men you should be blaming. It is the pathetic insecure state of mind of women in this country. And the mainstream media which is adding oil to paranoa saying that India has rape culture. Have you ever stopped thinking about the rest of 99,996 females who are not raped or molested, why they are feeling insecure. Think beyond what the media sells, think freely and do the thing you like. In soceity there will always be people frowning at you for your choices, the way you dress, the way you walk, talk, your lifestyle, your food habits and what not. I will give you examples were men are treated the same way – having a freaky hair cut, or piercing his ears, or coloring his hair, or getting a tattoo. Have you ever heard anyone complain that soceity is looking at me like I am a drug addict? Have some determination, because waiting for soceity to accept everything you like to do will keep you waiting your entire life. And why does it bother you that Shaun is a men’s right activist. This country could use more like him. Because when only one side is heard, slowly the other side becomes weaker and oppressed. That is exactly what is happening in India and all around the world. That is why we have prosecution and defense sides in court. That is why we say there is always 2 sides to a coin.

    19. adya00

      Why are people not getting this? This video isn’t what feminists want!! Its just a way of putting men in womens’ shoes, thats it.

    20. Marc Boselbaer

      I would love to see a movie about a bear being put in for example chicken’s shoe’s. Will be very mind opening.Or a cat being put in dog’s shoe’s. That’s all.

    21. Jaya Jain

      When a lot of people derive one message from a video when something entirely different was intended, then there is something starkly wrong with the way it is made. I understand the underlying idea behind the video, but what I saw was a distorted portrayal of feminism- one that does more harm than good to it. The video has statements like “I’m sick of this feminist society”, without a disclaimer, which is what I meant when I said it is highly irresponsible. The video also feels like it is promoting raping men, and them blaming them for it by saying “here is a taste of your own medicine”. A society where anyone is targeted because of their gender isn’t a society that anyone is aiming for, and this video harms that notion.

  2. Estefanía Padilla

    This is a simple yet powerful message to a society accustomed to overlook or minimize the daily battle of a woman. Simple and Direct. It engages you before you could press the X button. Congratulations!

    1. Shaun

      It really isn’t and that’s the problem, the message is so back to front its unreal and that’s why women seem to be the only people finding meaning in this video, no offence at all, but this is about types of actions that this video is basically accusing men and men only of causing with is complete crap, it should be directed at people like this, because the last scene with the female gang isn’t a role reversal l at all as it really happens in the world, so how on earth is it making a point?? Its just more propaganda making out like its only men that do this kind of thing and that they should out themselves in a woman’s shoes, this is what’s wrong with the world, peoples attitudes, not men’s attitudes or women’s but people in general.

  3. Girish Muralidhar

    I’m not sure I quite understand what the gentleman/lady in question meant to convey by making this video. Two wrongs make a right? Or am I missing a point? Or does this mean I can create a video making women feel what men go through?

    1. raj

      This video is just describing the situation through which women are dealing in today’s world. Suppose, If the society would be female dominant, this could be situation of men. So respect women and care for them.

    2. sherina

      Jus a video asking one to ‘put oneself in anothers shoe’
      Nuthing more nuthing less

    3. cat22

      Yeah, you’re missing the point…

    4. adya00

      what men go through??

    5. Sphinx

      Girish you really should make that film I would pay to crowd source it.

      I feel most women will never understand the pressure most men go through to even be considered deserving of love from them. There are so many hoops to jump: Economic, Physical, Emotional, Social, Style, and more. Women can leave men for any number of things, yet nothing at all.

  4. Nix Mix

    I would have agreed with most people’s synopsis of the film. Except for one thing. When the man walks out of the police station and says I’ve had enough of this ‘feminist society’.. That would have made sense if he said ‘matriarchal society’, which is women ruling. The reverse of patriarchal. But it said feminist. Which either was a dig at feminism, a mistranslation in the subtitles or they don’t fully understand the meaning of feminism.
    Which is women striving for equality.

    As another poster said women aren’t fighting to be able to rape men, or cat call them, they are fighting to live in a world where their gender is seen in the same light as men. Maybe different strengths but overall seen as equal in worthiness. At the moment, women are not and because of patriarchy some men are being badly affected because they don’t even meet patriarchy’s standards of what is a man.

    Sorry long post!

  5. Katja Splichal

    If my man would treat me like the woman treats hers in the movie, I would kick his sorry little ass out of my flat and life. But I can see that it takes some balls.

  6. Chris Folows

    Statements culled from published books, newspapers, or the speeches of politicians, though you’ll notice genders been flipped for effect:

    Men can do anything women can. And do it better. And do it with one hand tied behind their backs. –Barack Obama

    When a woman strikes a man, she strikes all of society. –Hillary Clinton said exactly that about violence against women.

    Women CAN stop false allegations of abuse and rape. –The “Men can stop rape” poster campaign is making an appearance on campuses across the US and Canada.

    It cannot be assumed that women are bound to be an asset to family life, or that the presence of mothers in families is necessarily a means to social cohesion. –This gem, about how unnecessary fathers are, is from UK equalities minister Harriet Harman. She might be forgiven this sentiment if it wasn’t grossly inaccurate.

    A mall roof caved in yesterday, killing 23 people and injuring more than 100. Tragically 4 men and one child were among the dead. –all right, that’s from any newspaper story about any tragedy. We hear about women and children because that makes a tragedy more tragic.

    I want to see a woman beaten to a bloody pulp with a workboot shoved into her mouth like an apple in the mouth of a pig. –Change woman to man and workboot to high heel, and you’ve got second wave feminist Andrea Dworkin’s attitude.

    Or even this: “It is an amazing thing to see in our city the husband of a laundress, or a fishwife, or a housemaid dressed in velvet with chains of gold at the throat, with silver buckles and boots of good value….and then in contrast to see his wife washing the clothes, chapped and bedraggled from the day’s labor, poorly dressed…. but whosoever considers this carefully will find it reasonable, because it is necessary that the gentleman, even if low born and humble, be arrayed in such fine form for his natural excellence and dignity, and the woman be less adorned as if a slave, or a little ass, born to his service.” –And this is perhaps the most interesting of all, since a gender-flipped version of it was written by Lucrezia Marinella, and published in her book “The nobility and excellence of woman and the defects and vices of men” in the year 1600.

    Feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? These are statements you would NEVER hear or read in mainstream culture as I changed them–not even in the year 1600–some of them because they’d be repulsive to us, and others because it would just never occur to us to think or feel in those ways. All because of the way we as humans perceive, and have always perceived, men and women.

    Read more Full transcript here – My address to the NY state libertarian party convention –

    1. Danielle LeClerc

      I think this is interesting, and it’s a good counter argument to the above film.

      The conversation about gender equality should be two sided because both genders are involved. At the same time, caution here is probably advisable.

      In the past, women really have been pushed into a corner by society, it’s just a fact. Like most equality movements, there’s a pendulum effect. Having been pushed so far over to the inequality side for so long, it’s natural for it to swing into “overequality” side for a while, and then back before balance is achieved. There is no real reason for men and women to hate each other, both sexes have wonderful and terrible qualities and, despite occasional bad days, we really do make a good team. Give it time and let both sides talk.

    2. cat22

      I wouldn’t say these gender-reversed comments are a counter argument to the above film. I think they support it. Both are highlighting the prejudices and assumptions often made about men and women. I don’t think it’s right that in any given tragedy women are valued above men with children. But that doesn’t change the fact that women have to deal with frequent negative discrimination because of their sex.

      Feminism isn’t about blaming men or suggesting that women are superior, it’s about equality, so thinking about the prejudices men face is important too. But this film is about what women have to deal with and I don’t think there is any need for people to get defensive about that.

    3. Michael Smith

      Who are *you* to limit “gender” to only two? That doesn’t quite reflect the pervasive “equality” attitude, where all people are NOT created equal, so we must ensure that all *results* are equal.

  7. Shaun

    Is it wrong that I’d quite happily enjoy being raped by 4 women at random when out on a bike ride? Or even just the compliments atleast, the problem isn’t men vs women and comparing them, the problem is some people enjoy that kind of thing male or female and some dont male or female, its not the sex that’s important but the person, its videos like this that seperates sexes more than brings them together because they focus on the sex not the attitude of people in general, I know women that would pay to be in that situation as I do men, so it really fails to make a major impact for me, its the typical role reversal video trying to make a point to men, it should be making a point to people who enjoy that kind of thing not a specific sex.

    1. Kira

      If you enjoy it, it’s not rape. That’s. difference between rape and sex: whether or not you consent to it. I’m surprised you fail to see the difference, since you believe yourself to be the final word on how everyone should respond to the other issues raised in this video as well.

    2. Danielle LeClerc

      Hey, Shaun.

      It’s not that women don’t enjoy attention from men, just as men do attention from women. It’s not that we’re not sexual and don’t enjoy the mating game just as much as you guys do. It’s more not having a say in it.

      Sometimes you don’t want to deal with cat calls and lewd comments, and asking people to stop doesn’t always work. At its worst, it’s threatening and scary. When someone or a group of people is acting aggressively sexual toward you, invading your personal space and you are acutely aware that you are not physically strong enough to stop the situation if they choose to push it further, it’s not a good feeling.

      Rape fantasies are exactly that, fantasy. Actual rape where you want the situation to stop but are powerless to make that happen, is terrifying.


  8. Shaun

    All I can say is next time make the video more realistic, dont make out like one sex is at fault and the other isn’t, if this video was more realistic you couldn’t do a role reversal because you’d be swapping men and women with more men and women, but whoever made it obviously believes women couldn’t act that way and trust me they certainly can and do

    1. Jan Gvdp

      How exactly are women at fault for being the the main victim of sexual abuse?

  9. Shaun

    I’ll leave it with this, any woman that believes this makes a point to men has missed the problem entirely and will never get anywhere pushing a cause because they are trying to blame us instead of the actual ‘people’ that do it who are both male or female

    To those that see this and realise it fails to male a point I say good luck to you and your causes because you are willing to look at facts and be rwalistic, take care.

    1. Manu Batham


      Now after a year YKA posted this video on Facebook. Just got a chance to view your comments, and that’s exactly what I think. If changing shoes is the ultimate way to realize, it will be more harder for women. Poorly communicated message, I hope filmmaker also created a video making women feel what men go through? Otherwise it’s a biased video.


  10. brian

    What video? all I see are a bunch of links to Facebook.

    1. Youth Ki Awaaz

      Please refresh the page and you should see the video. Otherwise, check it out here:

  11. BPS

    “Barbaric Country” yet you state there is “No other solution” but to cutoff body parts?

  12. dr daisuke serizawa

    An utterly irresponsible and worryingly short-sighted video.

  13. Kira

    If this makes no sense and has no relevance on real-life interactions, then why are people responding like it hit below the belt? Of course *all* men and *all* women don’t behave a certain way. This piece looks to me like a commentary on the privileges society as a whole awards, and how most of us can’t even see most of the time how those privileges (or lack of them) affect behavior and expectations.

  14. Diego

    Just a ridiculous video. Its like every men in the world are on vacations. Lets change our jobs then. From now on, every single job that use brute force or that is dangerous in some way are gonna be a women responsability. Life is hard to live for everybody. So stop complaining your life and gonna do something!

    1. Jan Gvdp

      What a fascinating argument. Tell us more about how “dangerous” your job is.

      Last time I looked most men in the 1st world work in offices and shops while for some reason getting paid more than their female counter parts. Not exactly dangerous.

    2. Michael Smith

      If all the men work in offices and shops, how does anything besides paperwork get done? You have a very narrow, very ignorant point of view.

  15. Mike

    … this is such an overly dramatized piece of shit, especially for the cultural demographic in which it was depicted. this is the kind of film that destroys equality in stead of promoting it. this video just propagates the stereotypes that men do not believe in women’s rights, and pushes to completely feminize society and force men to be placed into the sphere of female society by making it seem as if all men and the male sphere is completely sexist and destructive to society. appropriation is not equality. modern feminism is innately destructive to male society in most developed countries.

    1. adya00

      Mike, I don’t think you got the point. This is not what feminists want, this video is just to give you a feel of whats its like to be a woman. And the fact that such a large number of women feel exactly how its depicted(in reverse, like the man does), means there is something seriously wrong with the system.

    2. DDD

      are yaar !,you women do, whatever you like , nobody can stop you , why are you bothering us!let us live , please .!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. adya00

      And exactly how are we bothering you? By fighting for rights that you try and make sure we don’t get?

    4. Michael Smith

      I would be so offended if topless women hit on me, I can’t even describe how badly that would make me feel. Get real. Sorry, but the genders are different and always will be. And there are only two, and it’s not determined by what you *think* you are. If the woman in the video is troubled by the masculinity of her husband she should move to the United States, we have no shortage of gender-confused males in eyeliner, with crappy haircuts, wearing skinny jeans and blouses to accommodate her.

    5. Anon

      Wow okay. First off, you wouldn’t be offended because it is taboo and illegal (in America) for women to walk around topless, so if a woman were to actually hit on you, you’d be caught off guard and flattered that a woman is essentially giving you a free look at her body in a culture that says it is inappropriate for women to walk around without a shirt on because heaven forbid they let anybody see what they were born with because it is SO immensely different from men.
      Second, two genders? You gotta be kidding me. Yes, there are two MAIN and COMMON genders but are you really gonna sit there and tell us that everyone either feels like a woman or a man? Gender has nothing to do with sex. Gender is simply how you present yourself. A man who wears eyeliner is no less of a male then a man who plays football. Come on. Not everyone who acts in such ways that go against the grain is “gender-confused” (and by gender you mean sex, because you kinda confused the two).
      The whole point of the video was to show how weird it would be if men were the ones being subordinated. We sympathize more with the men because our brains are telling us that something is “wrong” and that this isn’t how it “should” be. Now if they actually portrayed the masculine world we would view the whole video entirely differently. We wouldn’t even wince at the fact that the woman is walking down the street with a stroller, being harassed by guys on the streets and not being taken seriously by authority. If its so wrong for a man to be treated like this in such a hypothetical culture, why is it okay for women to be treated like this now, in reality?

    6. Marie

      Why do men *need* to this feminism as a threat? Do you seriously believe that having women treated as equals to men is “destructive to male society?” What is male society, anyways? I am a feminist, and I certainly don’t want to have some sort of “matriarcal system”, or get rid of men, or even deminish them in any way. I just want my daughthers to live in a world where they won’t be told they are less capable than the boys, or that they exist for their physical assets mostly, or that they should be scared to walk in the streets because society mostly sees them as sexual objects. But feminism also tries to break male stereotypes and struggles as well. What if my son wants to be a midwife? What if my son likes to play with dolls? Do I want him to grow up in a society that tells him he is a misfit for this? That he is less of a man because he chose things that belong to the “feminine” sphere? It is this abritrary separation that is destructive to society and people, because it places human-beings into little boxes in which they don’t neceserally belong, and tells them that it is utterly wrong to leave that box…

    7. Jaya Jain

      Feminism is about equality. And this video clearly doesn’t depict that. Sexism is horrible both ways, and no one wants it.

    8. Gleipnir Fenrir

      Mike, REAL FEMINIST are not looking to empower women or men or take away from anyone, they want to equalize and balance between the genders without being subjected or objected for anything. Think about it, being a male, we can get away with a lot of shit, women however have it a lot harder than we do. Sure most people see nothing wrong with a little bit of flirting, in fact I hit on women, men, herms if I meet one again, trannies, robots, scalpels…..I think you get me? Point is it is natural for people to hit on that which gets their reproductive organs all wet or hard. The line however is when men or women touch without consent which happens a lot, that or very unnecessary cat calls. Feminism wants all PEOPLE to be safe and protected from such things far as GENDER ROLES/BINARY, women need to have rights on a level that is EQUAL to that which men have rights, in fact Feminism should be called Soft Communism or to Equalize, but it can’t be since they only fight for gender equality, not racial or religious equality which is why feminism is illogical and silly in that regard.

      Now then a little bit of understanding. This video is not meant to bash on men or to be some kind of feminist war propaganda, this is a “Reach out and try to understand what we go through” video, it is showing what would happen if our patriarchal society became matriarchal, showing that both cause suffering and that both are illogical and spread hate/ignorance. Stop being a blind child. Also this video is not over the top, FAR worse things go on in the world especially to women and younger girls. Have some homework soft shell, go read up on human trafficking, forced prostitution, sex trade rings, slave dolls, torture houses, meat huts….You will see just how dark humanity is.

    9. Ash Stewart

      What a bunch of reactionary B.S. Feminism is not an effort to “feminize” men, but to elevate women (not above men, just up from below men) while pushing back against the brand of patriarchy that gives men license to disregard any critical engagement with their own gender identity, let alone their relationships with women. Your sense of equality is a fools paradise.

  16. Marie

    If this movie is so unrealistic and bullshit, why do so many men here react so vicerally to it, like they had been attacked personnaly?

    This movie shows very accurately the everyday struggle of a woman. The little, daily, harrassement like that jogger going “your baby is so lucky to have such a pretty mom”, or the street harassement (very, very common in France where the movie was shot, and where I am from)…. The feeling of insecurity, of fear, when you are alone in the street. THIS is what I and every woman lives every single day, the minute we go out on the street. And if something should happen to us, this is how most police officers will act. Saying this film is unrealistic is beyond hypocritical, it is denial. This film doesn’t say “all men are being intentionnally misogynistics, they are pigs and we should take over”. This film shows the “normal sexism”, the one most men happen to do without even realizing it is sexist, because it is validated by society. It just asks “if you were in a woman’s place, would you find this normal?” Most certainly not.

    1. Gleipnir Fenrir

      Because they are ignorant and sheltered fools who have no idea how to feel about it due to illogical thought and ignorant views passed down from teachers, parents, friends, ect. People wish to stay in their “Comfort Zone” instead of dive into the world to experience just how dark life can get before they learn how beautiful it can be. Besides this video is childs play. Most the men here who complain about it don’t know what really happens in real life. Human Trafficking, Meat Dolls, Torture Dolls, Forced Breeding, Forced Prostitution all happen around the world and any woman and even some types of men are targets who become cattle for some sick fuck to play with. This video is not over the top, nore is it harsh enough. It needs to be redone and done right in order to force sexist to see just how dark the world can be for some people, maybe then people will understand that they need to join together and spread awareness about the real problems in society. Their own division caused my the lack of willpower to be “A Better Human Being” not a “Better man” or “Better woman”….

    2. Doug

      This video is portraying this behavior as the average in European/American society, which is hogwash.

    3. Camnden

      Does it make you good to know that, through your whole lifetime, women will never be treated by standards you consider equal? Cause I know this video won make me treat anyone any differently.

  17. Chipib

    Yeah just a regular day at the office… dropping my baby, getting raped, normal stuff you know. If women feel this way every day. Something is wrong with france. A) as a man i try to avoid dark long alleys just in cause i get raped by a bunch of women. b) i try not to piss off angry lower class bitches, cause i can get raped by a bunch of women.

    Seriosly got through the first half and fell asleep. Mike has a point this is so over the top. In this “film” men are portrayed as the worst of society. Fuck this is winny…

    1. Venegas

      As a man, you will never know what it is like to be objectified or sexually harassed simply walking down the street. You shouldn’t take this film as a threat to your masculinity but rather as( as all men should) a lesson that women don’t like to be treated this way.

    2. Michael Smith

      You don’t say! Maybe you should make a video that shows that water is wet and fire is hot, too.

    3. Gleipnir Fenrir

      LOL! You call this the worst of society? You must not know about human trafficking, forced breeding, forced prostitution, meat markets, or “Torture Dolls”…
      Someone has been sheltered all their life apparently. And to Venegas. You’re also wrong, want to know why? Little boys and some types of men are subjected to such things as well, because women and children are high priced for such fucked up things, you’re adding to the sexism problem as you fight blindly like an ignorant child.

      Also I will note this video is too simple and does not FORCE people to see the harsher sides of societies nor what happens around the world in the places that most people would never even want to hear about. Both of you need to go open up some books and start opening up your minds if you think this is the worst of humanity. Grow up people, real life is as beautiful and joyous as it is disgusting and fucked up to a degree that most cannot comprehend. And it is soft shelled kids like you both who do nothing to spread awareness of the real threats. Good work.

    4. Ash Stewart

      Dude, it is literally that extreme, everyday. All over the place. Not every every woman everyday, but hundreds if not thousands of women experience this every day in the US alone. If you think it’s a woman’s fault for putting herself in the position to get raped, and not the man’s fault for deciding to rape her, then your one of the men that help make this shit possible. The video is extreme because the situation is extreme, and you have to stop whining and starting coping with it. Unless you’re trolling, then you really are the worst of society.

  18. Venegas

    Amazing film. The french are a little overdramatic but only they would put this together as beautifully. Women are treated as objects daily and this film I beleive has the power to empower women to fight further for their rights.

  19. Jo

    I see the point of the video, even if it was a little extreme. I’ve witnessed this kind of thing happening to both men and women. I did notice how this video fails to point out those men and women who don’t help the situation as well. I’ve worked in offices with women who think it’s acceptable to display virtually 90% of their body and encourage a crude kind of attention because they enjoy it, I’m not saying it’s acceptable for men to see this and think all women want to be treated like that but it doesn’t really help the matter and I certainly don’t agree that men should see it as acceptable to both encourage it or partake in. Both genders have problems to solve before anything will be equal.

    Media isn’t really helping either when there are articles constantly thrown around saying attractive women should get paid more because their looks and sex appeal make men more likely to invest time/money whatever in that business or pay more attention. Great help there…

  20. Harpo

    This is a load of Shite…even if you take the poiint of the film it is still a load of shite

  21. AlphaVinlander

    The war between the sexes is one of many systems of control engineered by governments to divide and conquer the people. Participating in this system of control, is a form of slavery, it is submission, it is insanity.

    Look, before the Christians invaded and ethnically cleansed Europe, men and women were considered complimentary, not equal. Women were able to own land, decide who to marry or to divorce, have a business. In fact, women were more “equal” a thousand years ago in Europe than they are in America today.

    The difference? Foreign invasion and an ongoing occupation by Abrahamic peoples. ie: Christians, Jews and Muslims. These three death cults passed on their techniques for successful polarization of entire continents to modern day corporations and governments.

    Men have a big problem today, we or as you say “Western Men” are not permitted to practice the traditions and cultures of our ancestors. We are forced into an unnatural life that is contrary to our natural inclinations and spiritual balance. This puts us at odds with ourselves and the current dominant Modern World.

    Men, are in the Modern World, but not from it. The Modern World is primitive and unsustainable, and we long to return to a more enlightened state. Read that correctly, we live in two or more worlds at the same time.

    All these Political-Constructs keep men in a constant anxious state … it is a heavy burden to suffer a world that disturbs your soul.

    Let me ask you, what are women doing to get our people out of this terrible Modern World? It seems that while women buy into their government-subsidized victim-culture, men are left to carry the weight of the world and suffer this failing civilization.

    Men are too busy surviving the present so that we can build the future. Won’t you help us instead of fight us? Would you castrate Atlas to get high on politics even when it meant your own demise? Politics sure feels good doesn’t it, … sneaky stuff that politics, It convinces to make people do terrible things and feel good about it.

    Those free perks for joining the victim band-wagon will not last for ever, Perhaps you should get your hands dirty with us and create the world we truly want to live in.

    Perhaps if women had a broader view of reality, a sense for what it takes to build a life that spans into future generations.. you would be a little more interested, understanding and compassionate for what it takes to live on this planet instead of being sociopathic.

    Feminism, it is a means to invade and conquer a people, not liberate a gender. If you pick up a history book, most wars, all ethnic cleansing and a lot of other terrible things all begins with people attacking men through their women. This historic tactic of using women to hurt men comes in many forms, most of them resemble feminism or other types of cult religions that speak to women’s concerns or emotions.

    It’s a trap, … you know that right? Feminism is one of a hundred political-constructs that furthers their systems of control, nothing more.

    If you want to be a strong women, stand with your man, …against the world.

    Be it with your husband, father or brother, they will all benefit from women’s natural qualities and be the better for it.

    It takes a dynamic duality and sanctity of a strong synergistic relationship to be victorious at life.

    If you are fighting the ‘other half’ you should ask yourself, who are you really serving? It certainly is not yourself, your community, nor the future of your people.

    Feminism is for puppets, not women. A women owns her own soul, is not influenced by politics or social-engineering. A women is at her best, when she enables her friends and family to be their best.

    I hope I spoke simply enough, I often get very historical, technical and philosophical on such matters which often loses my greater audience.

    Remember, without them, we will truly have ourselves.

    1. Johnny

      Wow, just wow. Your words are inspirational. I mean that with all sincerity.

    2. adya00

      A women is at her best, when she enables her friends and family to be their best.What do you think?

      What about enabling herself to be the best?

  22. Gleipnir Fenrir

    The point of the video is nice and hopefully sends the message to most idiots, but I doubt it will capture the minds of the people they are trying to reach out to. They need to make it more brutal and maybe even add in the sicker things that happen in the real world to women so that sexist pigs may be able to understand correctly just what they do to women. Most other males I meet are primarily sexist or even racist and attempting to change their views is a very hard challenge at times lol. Sometimes extreme measures need to be used to send a true message. And before people start flaming, I’d volunteer to be the rape victim if someone wanted to make a realistic version of this!

  23. Jake

    Not enough boobs.

  24. Errol

    This did not happen before the 21st century… the liberation of women has a lot to do with what this video relates to.. this did not happen back then when mothers were mothers, and dads were dads ,religion was religion.. the rolls are changing more and more….. women’s lib… mans playing fields… hu”

    1. adya00

      Of course, women weren’t raped before the 21st century, women were allowed to study, the weren’t married off before they turned 18, they did not have children they did not want, they were not abused, or beaten before the 21st century. Very insightful observation.

  25. Carlos

    What is the idea??
    Invite dialogue?
    That is the reality of all?

  26. Sunil Unnadkat

    I get it, I get the point. Question is, how do we change the thinking pattern of the mass?

  27. Bakar Baba

    Just trust me when I say so, what we need is an armed rebellion by women on men. No kidding! Men have ruled the land for ages. It’s not just the demand and understanding of equality that will make men understand what the need of the hour is, it is a full rebellion that will make them feel and go through what women have been going through for centuries. And then let’s have an egalitarian society after about 50 years of oppression of men. I don’t know if this makes me a male ‘feminist’, but I am definitely a ‘fuck-you-those-who-oppress-ist”.

  28. Johnk622

    I appreciate, cause I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye cgfebcgddacd

  29. Neeraj Pant

    Powerful message. Nothing new that we didn’t before but the way it is represented is awesome. Being a man, we never think the other’s side story, though, we might do but until I am in a different show, I won’t be an apathetic.

  30. Neeraj Pant

    Powerful message. Nothing new that we didn’t before but the way it is represented is awesome. Being a man, we never think the other’s side story, though, we might do but until I am in a different show, I won’t be an apathetic.,,

  31. honestvoice

    It’s so sad that the makers of the video think that this is only way to get the message across. That somehow the only way men may understand the situation is if they are portrayed in a reversed role. That if we see fellow men live a biased society, we will feel the pain. Either it is ignorance showing, about men not being able to feel the pain of women or about having emotions that influences his actions or it is a tragic absence of hope/optimism, of being able to make a fair and balanced society. Either way this is not the way to be thinking in order to make progress.

  32. meghna

    I find this video really interesting…I no way I want the world to become like this but I do want the men to change….this video is very impactful and has left a deep impression on me…..this demonstration using reverse psychology is a very brave step towards the change…..this will help men understand the problems women go through everyday ;every moment;whenever they are walking on the me men staring and passing nlewd comments on women ,this feeling is really horrible…no women wants to be in a situation like this…..this video shows if the society becomes female dominant ;men will also feel the same way ….so men should change and stop treating women like they do….
    I know all men are nt same …and I am addressing only those who have this psychology of treating women in a bad way…..

  33. Rahul Mehra

    So what this video wants to convey.

    Do women want to pee like men in alleys.

    Do women want to do jogging being topless.

    Do women want to physically abuse man when he is alone.

    Do women wants men not to wear burmudas & shorts.

    We all know very well that women are going through this & there is a need to stop all this but making of such a disgusting video won’t make any sense rather its like a funny clip.

    Instead of making reversal role video make some video that shows some good measures to stop all this wrong things happening with women.

  34. Itulung Kauring

    Way too exaggerated with a lot of stereotypical views.

  35. hippie freak

    The man should not have worn a purse. That was stupid of him. He should have been fine with his neighbor directing her opinion about area cleanliness to his wife (instead of him) because women love overstating. He should not have down-dressed the vocal homeless urchin at the red light. He was stupid to think he could take on society’s problems with words spoken to a nutjob. He should not have used a woman’s language when speaking to the four women who were already walking away. That was stupid strategy of him. No man picks a fight against bad odds. But, when the fight started, he should have fought them with the club that he should have carried in that stupid purse. In fact, he should have had that club in hand when he picked the fight. What a stupid man. He should not have issued a woman’s challenge to the female officer who took the assault report. That was stupid of him. No craft to his words. He started to cry, another weak moment unbecoming to a man. He was stupid to start an emotional conversation about feminism outside of the police station, putting his emotions ahead of his priority needs, which was getting home and addressing his wounds. Yep, he made stupid choices throughout this story.

  36. Rakesh

    Oh! Well it’s not a portrait of femisnist society I guess.And if it is what women are struggling for,Then I think probably they are worse than those men who are actually committing rape.Coz as a Boy I understand on my own what is right and what is wron.It’s a mere reflection of evils of society that rapes are committed and moreover if a girl do the same way as some illogical men are doing.Then I guess Ghandi’s quotation goes in vain”An eye for an eye will make whole world blind.”

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