5 Reasons Why ‘Modern Family’ Is My Favorite TV Show

Posted on March 19, 2014 in Culture-Vulture, Lists

By Parvathi Jayakumar:

Modern family is an American sitcom that revolves around 3 families that are inter-related. The sitcom portrays the trials, tribulations, joys and warmth of these families through humour and satire. The characters are Jay Pritchett, who is married to a much younger woman Gloria Pritchett, his step son Manny Delgado, his 2 children Claire Pritchett and Mitchell Pritchett (who is gay) and their respective families.


Following are the reasons as to why this series is close to my heart and will never fail to make me laugh out loud!

1. The series is a perfect blend of modern and typical traditional values

At the very outset, a 65 year old man, Jay Pritchett married to a hot foreigner half his age is an epitome of modernity. But this never makes the viewer uncomfortable or unable to relate with the characters, as they are portrayed as people who acknowledge and honour family values. This hot foreigner is a Colombian and always raves about the importance of being in touch with one’s cultural roots and never forgetting their traditions, because that is what makes us beings with a humane touch. This makes the viewer think about their own cultural values and heritage, and ponder upon how true they has been to their beliefs.

2. The series is an absolute laugh riot

There is at least one instance in every episode which will have you in splits. The humour is subtle and natural. Hats off to the script writers and directors for coming up with something so brilliant. Also, even when there is no funny dialogue or scene involved, the actors still pull off the humour part with their perfectly comical expressions.

3. Stereotypes that hit you dang in the face!

Every single prevalent stereotype from Asian women who can’t drive to gay men who wear flowery shirts and twirl their wrists around like females has been shown unabashedly in the sitcom. The best part is they don’t make you cringe uncomfortably, instead they make you double up and roar out in laughter. The scenes are portrayed with so much perfection and humour that it would be difficult to take offence.

4. Natural and relatable characters

No character in the series is perfect and has his or her share of quirkiness and flaws. And this among other things makes it very relatable. Be it Phil Dunphy, who always tries to be the ‘cool dad’ (haven’t we seen the lot in our families too?) or Cameron Tucker who is the typical hyper-excited stay-at-home dad, we have seen it all and still love them for it!

5. Every episode ends with a beautiful moral

Every episode deals with a different issue in the lives of the 3 families and as the show progresses, the problem slowly unfolds and the characters deal with it in their own special way. And at the end of it all, they come up with a sweet moral value applicable to one and all to keep their family together and happy. Be it stepping out of one’s comfort zone or head-butting new challenges, Modern Family doesn’t leave any stone unturned in their effort to spread the goodness.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your dose of humour!