Gulaab Gang Is A Cluttered Film, But With Extraordinary Performances #MovieReview

Posted on March 12, 2014 in Culture-Vulture

By Sahil Sankhla:

Amidst legal controversies and the court’s stay order, Gulaab Gang finally gets a clean chit to get released all over the country. The film tries to breathe a new life in the pink colour that has been symbolic of feminism lately, but the efforts remain incapable to pacify the audience’s expectations.

Gulaab Gang

Gulaab Gang revolves around the life of Rajjo (played by Madhuri Dixit), a fearless woman whose dream is to start a school for girls in the village of Madhopur, and her gang, famous by the name Gulaab Gang. The story depicts the gang’s efforts for protection of abused women and their empowerment through means of education and physical training, but in their way stands a crooked politician, Sumitra Devi (played by Juhi Chawla), who uses all her power to suppress the gang.

The story lacks objectivity, portraying mixed purposes vaguely. The film starts with a narrative (voiced by Anil Kapoor) which lays the foundation for the theme to build up but the work is left undone. The first half has been kept high by the unforgettable performances of all the actors. The second half, sadly, is a story in disarray. One important thing that all Bollywood films can learn from Gulaab Gang is the realistic action. Thanks to the level of genuineness of the action sequences, you won’t get to see people flying after every hit. Apart from the major flaws, Soumik Sen’s direction is commendable, which has prevented the complete downfall of the film.

Almost every actress has put in all her raw passion and love for the work in Gulaab Gang. The first half belongs to Madhuri Dixit, Divya Jagdale, Priyanka Bose and Tannishtha Chatterjee. Adapting to the language of the village and speaking it with ease on-camera clearly shows the dedication level of all the actresses. Even Sampat Pal (founder of Gulaabi Gang; who has filed a case against the filmmakers of this film for strong resemblance with her personal story) lauded Madhuri for her acting in the film saying that she saw the reflection of her life and struggle in Madhuri’s character. Priyanka Bose is spectacular with her screen presence. Divya Jagdale is to be remembered for long. Tannishtha Chatterjee’s tranquil and at times aggressive approach makes her character an admirable one. Juhi Chawla, on the other hand, had to strain hard enough to keep that evil look alive. Her acting clearly looks forced, phony and unmoving.

The songs, composed by the director himself, are a treat to the ears but are used too often in the film creating unnecessary noise in the script’s space.

Verdict- 2.5/5 stars.