[VIDEO] 20 Strangers Were Asked To Kiss For The First Time In Front Of The Camera, What Followed Will Make You Smile

Posted on March 11, 2014 in Society, Specials, Video

We encounter far more reluctance before expressing love than we do before voicing our hatred for something or the other. We are practically doing it every moment by getting angry or irritated on things, people and incident and this never does any good to the world.

This social experiment, called First Kiss, attempts to change that for good and preach love in the purest of forms. The experiment is based on the idea that people can spread happiness and love as easily as they spread negativity.

The video below shows 20 strangers who were picked up and asked to kiss in front of the camera and what follows is a beautiful story of human emotions. Watch it for yourself and decide if you prefer to be hated by a stranger for no reason or be loved for being loving.