[INFOGRAPHIC] Water Water Everywhere, But How Many Drops to Drink?

Posted on March 22, 2014 in Environment

Owing to its perennial nature, water is incredibly hard to measure. And scaling the number of litres an individual consumes in a day is an even more herculean task. Despite the odds, the WHO and the Census of India (2011) have successfully collected valuable information on safe drinking water which the Data Station @ Social Cops has compiled in above infographic. But the fact remains that a large amount of data on water still remains untapped.

The world today lacks social data. Would you use your mobile phone to share valuable data on water issues around you? With this application, we can make our voices grow stronger together.

Credits: The datasets used in the above infogram include the WHO dataset on Water, sanitation and hygiene (Exposure Data by country) measuring the Population using improved drinking water sources (%) as well as the Census of India (2011) data on Households Classified by Source and Location of Drinking Water and Availability of Electricity and Latrine.

The infographic is also published here.