Love Traveling? Here Are 17 Reasons To Join The GoUNESCO Travel Challenge

Posted on March 21, 2014 in Lists, Travel

By Parul Sharma: 

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all people cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends. – Maya Angelou

gounescoGoUNESCO travel challenge is a cause really dear to me. Not only was this the reason we started travelling; it is perhaps what we need, in India especially.

Why? With high social expectations most of us try to find answers in the fast paced corporate life. We are the same. You and I would probably never have travelled so much had we not started travelling. Once you start travelling not only do you realize how small you are in the scheme of things, you realize how much more you have to do.

So if travel is important why do I say GoUNESCO is important? It is important because it has the potential to give you the first kick out of your house. If you start planning travel to win the challenge then you have started changing your life. How you may ask?

Here is a list of all the things you will do in this year and why you should take the GoUNESCO travel challenge.

1. You will realize how big India is (or the country you are taking the challenge for).

2. You will realize there are only so many days in a year and far less leaves/off days and you need to plan smart.

3. You will realize you need a lot of money to visit every one of those sites.

4. You will start appreciating Indian railways (as in my case) and other cheaper modes of transport.

5. You will start looking for couch surfing options to keep your costs low. Or you’ll be sleeping in buses and trains.

6. You will be told by everyone you don’t have free weekends for them.

7. You will learn how to freshen up in trains/platforms/stations before you rush to office only to go to the office washroom and freshen up all over again.

8. You will start collecting miles in hopes of finally flying to a far off destination.

9. You will be asked time and again what will you win (for record its nothing except a lot of publicity. Thanks to this nagging…).

10. You will start telling people about GoUNESCO and end it by saying – There is no Prize.

11. You will be seen looking for ways to pack lighter. (Don’t invest in a bigger pack it takes a lot of space on the train berth.)

12. You will be walking up hills in scorching sun; best time to travel will start meaning nothing to you.

13. You will always have a backpack with two T shirts a trouser and some toiletries packed.

14. You will be found researching on sleeping bags, backpacks, rucksacks and hiking shoes.

15. You will be left with some blisters unless you hire taxi/autos (you will not do that: refer points 3 and 4).

16. You will be talking about what you saw and ate all year round and then miss all that good food once the year is over.

17. You will travel even after the challenge is over.

I am sure everyone who has been a part of last two years of GoUNESCO can vouch for all these things.

Have a great year travelling!

About the author: Parul is the winner of GoUNESCO India 2013 Challenge

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