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How Modi Fans Aggressively Pushed A Fake Assange Endorsement

Posted on March 18, 2014 in Politics

By Mayank Jain:

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

― Adolf Hitler

We have all seen lies here and there, laid out as bait by politicians to capture attention as well as votes; but pushing a whole campaign on the basis of something that never happened is a first and fans of Narendra Modi have managed to do the same.

Social media was abuzz with Julian Assange (Founder of WikiLeaks) endorsing Modi as incorruptible and the only leader that United States of America fears.

“America fears Modi because they know he is incorruptible,” the text says. The poster is distributed far and wide, it is one of the weapons in the hands of Modi supporters who use it to defend everything from riots or negative figures of development that have never been pushed. Here are some tweets which made these claims:

Another screenshot below from Modi’s website clearly shows how he is referred to as ‘incorruptible’ and there have been multiple shares of the morphed image with Julian Assange’s endorsement of this PM candidate of a major opposition party of the country.

A screenshot from Modi's blog. Source: DNA
A screenshot from Modi’s blog. Source: DNA

Wikileaks, which was founded by Julain Assange has clarified recently that it never endorsed Modi or called him ‘incorruptible’ and hence, the whole social media aggression of Modi followers has come down to nothing. The following Tweets from the organization itself puts the argument to rest:

The reactions have already started flowing in from all ends and BJP supporters themselves have started declining that they made the claim in the first place. Some others say that Modi needs no certificate from anyone. Here is a tweet on the same:

On the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal being the proactive opponent that he is, has jumped the bandwagon by calling all Modi’s claims as false and reacting hugely to it by also posting about Adani’s land deal on his Facebook page. This is almost the perfect time for AAP to cash in on negative perception of BJP and Congress both. The Tweet tells the story:

It is a common thing to get facts wrong in impromptu public appearances but the campaign has been very carefully designed to avoid any public faux pas. With a strict no to interviews on television for the candidate touted as ‘most deserving’ for the post of PM, a total refute on claims like this from an organization as powerful as WikiLeaks comes as a big blow. The waves are bound to turn in another direction. Which way they turn though, remains to be seen.