Does This Off The Record Video Of Arvind Kejriwal Fixing This Interview Change Everything?

Posted on March 10, 2014 in Politics, Specials, Video

By Mayank Jain:

The video appears to be shot in December, 2013 and the timing of it’s release has evoked a certain speculation about the intentions behind it and the ones who have released it. A lot is at stake right now for the AAP and the Lok Sabha is still up for grabs, scandals like this help in swaying the sentiments of people away from a party.

Arvind Kejriwal, who became the epitome of selflessness for the larger good and left his chair at the drop of the hat just to prove how far he would go for the right things, has come into the scanner now. His negotiations before the interview to ensure that nothing puts him in the bad light raises many questions.

People who knew Arvind Kejriwal as the man who can tell everyone the right way to do their jobs has been caught in the middle of a faux pas. As if fixing issues with journalist and asking him to focus on those which would give him more mileage is not bad enough, he went on to ensure that he never talks about the private sector in bad light and modified the whole question and answer to make it appeasing for everyone.

He has been criticizing the media for too long now for not doing their jobs well and not giving him enough coverage which he deserves and words like Paid Media are being used too frequently in the party’s communication. The time is now for him to stand up and take responsibility of what he has done and explain which principles of AAP were being upheld in this act.

The video’s originality is not yet established and it might just be another fake video released by trolls but the party needs to communicate and explain their stand at the very least. As far as defamation goes, Election Commission has got a tough task ahead of itself to tame these parties which go to any length to make sure they win the election. Here is the video for you to watch: