Top 10 Most Important #unManifesto Promises Of This Week

Posted on March 3, 2014 in Campaign, Politics, unManifesto

By Mayank Jain: 

#unManifesto is an attempt to give the power back into the hands of citizens to govern themselves. The campaign has garnered huge support and response from far and wide. People are enthusiastically sharing their preferred promises that should be in the political manifestos. Read on to know the most important ones we have received recently that demand urgent attention:


1. There is a definite need of promoting welfare of the least privileged in the country if we want to level the playing field for all of us.
Provide material support to extremely poor and underprivileged.”- Hejang

2. There seems to be no other way other than campaigns by government to sensitize people on gender issues in remote rural areas.
“Awareness campaign by Government at village level regarding gender discrimination issues.”- Subrat Kalo

3. The very important issue of women safety in trains is often ignored and a CUG number can solve the problem to an extent.
I demand the display of a CUG number in all the railway compartments for women safety.”- Esha Saraswat

4. This is the most recurring demand that we have received. It’s high time for politicians to re-look at the reservation policies and make sure that they don’t give undue favours or disadvantage to some sections of the society.
Reservation should be given on the basis of economic, social and political background.”– Saroj Kumbhar

5. For eradicating other terminal diseases like we did with Polio, this is pivotal. “Establishment of at least one health centre at Panchayat level.”- Prasanta Kumar Sahu

6. This one is oft quoted and debated but we still lack strong execution of laws that can ward of predators.
Strong law against women abusers. So women move freely outside their houses to achieve their dream and goal.”- Banita Nayak

7. We have had many such toll free numbers in the past too but we finally need the one that works and helps in the time of need.
Toll-free emergency number should be introduced which is directly connected to a lady police in the nearest police station for girls’ safety.”- Natasha Mohanty

8. For reversing the contraction trend in our agricultural economy, we do need to infuse some capital and cheap loans are the way to do it instead of subsidies that are often misused.
Give loans at minimum interest rates to farmers and at the time of receiving back the money, consider their profit from their farming and economic condition.”- Jyoti Mandari

9. Right to Education is there but it is highly inefficient as of now and it needs to be enacted in a better way to achieve better literacy rates going forward.
All boys and girls should get compulsory Higher Secondary Education by the govt.”- Narendra Behera

10. This is a very innovative solution for safety issues that travellers face while travelling in deep rooted villages during night.
Having a small toilet system in all long route night buses run by government.”- Rupesh Behera

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