[VIDEO] Serial Entrepreneur And Investor Vijay Anand Talks About The Right Attitude For Entrepreneurship

Posted on March 27, 2014 in Business and Economy, Entrepreneurship, Specials, Video

What’s the right attitude for Entrepreneurship? Find out with Vijay Anand, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, the founder of In50Hrs (a concept weekend that helps great tech ideas become real) and The Startup Centre (which offers residential programmes and angel investment to tech and digital startups).

In this webisode, VIjay also shares about his journey with entrepreneurship and why In50Hrs is a concept relevant to its times.

More about In50Hrs: This is a concept weekend that helps you take your tech idea to prototype stage with the help of a team and guidance from mentors. At the end of the 50 hours, your team gets to present the prototype to seasoned entrepreneurs and investors to get their perspectives. Positive feedback could mean starting up at The Startup Centre! The cost of individual participation in In50Hrs: Rs.1500!