4 Reasons Behind Your Not-So-Smart Perceptions About Smartphones

Posted on April 30, 2014

By Saniya Puri:

While flipping through the pages of a tabloid, I recently came across this funny comic strip with a humorous take on how miserable a teenager gets. It went like this, “I study whole day – no one sees. I check my phone for a minute and parents or elder brother/sister come in. DOOMED! ”

Does this sound familiar? Then please read further.

smart phones


With the rise in technical advancements, cell phones and laptops/computers are not only for basic tasks like typing, saving and printing, but a lot more can be achieved by them. As they say, smart phones are the palm-top computers and now-a-days almost everyone is proudly using them. Personally stating, from mobile applications (Watsapp, dictionary, English quotes, ABP news application, music store, vithU for females and what not) to access to instant internet browsing to quick exchange of large data from your cell phone and great communication portal at various chatting and messenger applications, smart phones have changed our lives significantly. So, admittedly, many have confessed to have been using these advantages and enjoying them intervening in our lives. Then, where exactly is the problem? To think of that, here are some issues with those who are finding it difficult to accept that there are advantages of this technological advancements all over.

1. What are you doing behind the phone?

This is the category of the ‘suspicious’ few, it include all kinds of nosy and indifferent people who consider that either you are indulging in a love affair and constantly chatting or perhaps you are becoming that ‘anti-social’ element of the society who debunk all sorts of code of conduct. They can not be satisfied at all. (P.S.: Don’t even try, because they also believe in the proverb that “Explanations are for the guilty.”)

2. Are you trying to avoid work by saying that you have work to do on the phone? 

So, now if you are trying to say that you have a WatsApp group for your class, business associates or a group of colleagues, then no need of the futile effort. It’s a waste of time and man power because for some there is absolutely no ‘work’ that can be done on a phone. Either you are whiling away your time or theirs. That’s about it. No arguments whatsoever. Trust us people, this is the new way of connecting and passing on data easily and speedily.

3. You are anti-social and con’t believe in interpersonal relationships

This one has been carried on for generations and hasn’t been eradicated as of now. You use cell phone and you are trying to become an anti-social who no one cares about and who does not care about any one. Personally, I opine that technology on your palms has also helped environment with less cutting of trees because all of the information has been uploaded on line and e-books are the ‘In’ thing today. People connect actively on social networking portals and have the ability to communicate better like this, especially if they are the ‘shy’ ones. What exactly then is the harm then is quite non-understandable. Most business companies have made these portals to interact and opened up discussions for new agendas online for those talented beings who are shy in public. College teachers have started uploading information on Facebook groups for students to download and read, and this change is efficiently helping students to come forward to ask doubts.

4. I don’t care what this technology does, we don’t want you to have a love affair right now (Not our culture: Yeah, right!)

Now, this one’s dangerous. Handle with care because if you are going to be defensive, you are actually defending your love interest in front of your elders. And yes! You are doomed! Laughing, giggling or smiling while looking at your cell phone is still called ‘blushing’ and dear users, please be careful even if you merely read a forwarded joke. And the idea of ‘culture’ and not having an affair are simply didactically telling you to take all your messages on phone seriously. (Laugh out loud!)

But even after so many reasons to switch over to old methods of researching and studying-books, and using land-line to call (I can’t personally switch over though), there is one concrete reason to not switch over. Its advantages. There are many! Cheers to the users! Someday people will definitely realize that you are not ‘wasting’ your and their time.

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