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‘I am An Atheist, And Here’s Why I Believe That God Is A Myth Created By Humans’

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By Sumit Chahal:

Every human being is taught from the very first day of his/her life that we (humans) are a creation of God. What is the definition of God? An omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent being who controls and directs all the happenings of the nature and even our lives, some say so. As you might have heard it from some people, for instance, if you studied hard and still didn’t get a particular job, then they would tell you that ‘don’t worry child, it’s God’s will’. Are you serious? Why would God not let you get that job? This is a complete lack of rational thinking. You couldn’t get that job because they simply got a better candidate than you.

religion in india

The person who is saying this to you just wants to console you in the name of God, nothing else. In God, one can find strong consolation and support. Yes, the idea of God is helpful to the man in affliction and it is also true that it makes your life easier. Accepting your defeat as God’s will is easier but accepting it as your own failure is a rather tough task. That’s why humans created God, to get away from their own weaknesses and limitations. Because, as time passes, man begins to witness his weakness and limitations, then he tries to link them with some invisible supreme power which he believes controls all the activities of this universe. And with the help of this faith, he tries to overcome his weaknesses and fears, and gathers the courage to face everything boldly. Because he believes that his God will help him whenever he falls. You can do the same thing by simply believing in yourself, because here the power of belief has done the job, not God.

Yes, I do believe in atheism and my belief in atheism is not a result of my vanity, it’s because I simply believe in reality. Yes, I am not spiritualistic but it doesn’t mean that I am materialistic, I am just realistic. Atheism can be more accurately termed as Realism.

The belief in God creates an illusion in the minds of the people. It makes a person believe more on something invisible than on himself. But in my opinion, self reliance is more vital than any religion or God. I ask, what’s the meaning of religion if there are so many? What’s the significance of religion if one religion justifies something and another holds it wrong? For instance, a believer of doctrines of Hinduism never eats non-veg, because Hinduism says it’s a sin. But on the other hand, Muslims eat the same in their religious ceremonies. It seems like Lord Ram says it’s a sin to eat meat but on the other hand Allah allows it in the religious ceremonies like Id-ul-Fitr. I am not favoring any religion over another, this is just an example. Such myths and false beliefs also prevail in other religions like Christianity, Arya Samaj etc. But who created all these different religions and separate beliefs and philosophies? None else but us! Someone creates these and others follows them blindly. Blind faith is really dangerous, it destroys one’s own thinking. One should be critical of every established myth and has to adopt scientific thinking and realistic attitude if he or she wants to progress. These different philosophies of different religions lead to religious conflicts. What are these religious conflicts? Take it this way, humans created Gods, different Gods lead to different religions and then irrational humans fight with each other over who has a better imaginary friend. I believe in only one religion i.e. Humanity and I think everyone should. Only Science and Humanism can lead us to progress and growth.

My belief in atheism is not baseless, this is a result of my extensive research and interest in this topic, and moreover the critical and unprejudiced attitude towards it; I have my arguments to back it. Let me ask you a simple question – Ok, you say that God exists and he created this universe and human beings. Why? There must be a good solid reason behind it. Why has he created such a world which is no less than place of woes and sufferings, where no one is satisfied, no matter how much he has achieved in his life? Why has God created such a world which will annihilate one day without any fruitful end.

Look at it this way, you say God created the universe, it implies every creation needs a creator, then who created God? We have God behind our creation, so God must also have some creator. But who, nobody? Let me take the help of Stephen Hawkings here, when he was asked about his reasoning behind atheism, he says that to create this universe God must have existed before the Big Bang, but Science has proven that there is no ‘time’ before the Big Bang, so it means that God had no time to create this grand universe, without any time how could he be able to do so?

And if we talk about the moral sense behind the existence of God then if God is there, then there should be no woes and sufferings in this world, at-least not in the life of a noble person. If God has created all this, then why has he created evil in this world? He could program only good things in human beings. And if God has created both evil and good, then why to blame evil persons, one could say that God has made me like this. If God is seeing all this from the top, as theists believe, then why would he let one person torture and enslave another person? If he is omnipotent, if he controls everything, then why did he let Laden kill so many people in America, why can’t he stop the rapists from destroying the life of an innocent girl? It’s because he simply doesn’t exist. Neither God helped them nor could he stop them, only we can stop them, only good people can stop bad people. God is the tool of a weak person to console him in his weak moments. Theists believe that everything that happens in this world is the will of God, it means a person can justify himself after committing a crime in the name of God’s will, he is simply trying to hide his wrongdoings in the name of God’s will. But God has nothing to do with it, one has to take all the responsibility of his deeds. Every religion and every single belief in God is self contradictory, you can’t prove one.

Life, as most religious persons would say, is more than just flesh and blood, it has some supernatural realm behind it. Our true selves is spiritual, not material. But this is just a hallucination. We take birth and we die. It’s as simple as that. Life has materialistic origin and we are material and dependent on the workings of the brain. There is no afterlife and probably no heaven or hell, we have this and only this life to appreciate this amazing universe and for that I am extremely grateful.

Every society has to fight out all these myths of theism, idolatry and narrow conception of religion, if that particular society wants to progress. Some people say that religion purifies your character. No, being Hindu, Muslim, Christians or Sikh does not form the basis of morality in one’s character. Humanity and Empathy will inculcate morality in one’s character.

I know that my thoughts might not be acceptable to some people, but I have very clear conscience behind my doctrine of atheism, and I believe in it and I stand for it.

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  1. Bipin Gajbhiye

    yes in agreement with the views. the theist believe in the god and because of this superstition prevails in the society. people are fooled in the name of god. communal violence is created in the name of false faith. evil customs are induced in the name of religion. peoples mental ability of free thinking is barred and not aloud to question ones belief.

  2. Baawraman

    Agreed. I guess we need religions because without religion, humans will be like stray dogs, while a pet dog is well mannered and do have some fears. We need some fears or supernatural powers, because without them, we all will be spoiled brats.

    1. Jonathan John

      I don’t think that buddy. You know Sweden is a country with approximately 88% of atheist population. And it is the country with the lowest crime rate. U.S.A. is a big religious country with majority of Christian population and just look at the crime rate. Religion gives you nothing.

  3. Harsh Choudhary

    It’s not as simple as that buddy. What you think about life that is just chemicals. There are other things which are senses cannot sense as they are not perfect. You talked about time, but that’s relative. Let us take an example of software. The time when it is created is termed to be zero. But it is in the scope of software only. Programmer is out of scope. The time we talk about is in scope of this universe, the time beyond it might not be the same as you think. If you have researched wisely and unbiased then you would get to know about so many great books which have scientific data about universe and many more to be discovered yet. You go to any biological scientist and he will tell you about DNA and its ability to recover on its own and replicate. These things, they don’t have answer but sure there must be someone who created these things so perfect. When you study deep in Science, you actually start realizing that this universe could not be created randomly. It’s the fault of our study pattern that we are made to believe the theories which get on change and sometimes, have no base but not those books and people who can give the exact definitions of things and facts, figures and stats. Please research again, because it’s not as simple as you are thinking. Making universe is not easy my friend.

  4. Surabhi Singh

    I believe in atheism too and realism.. good job

    1. Sumit Chahal


  5. doshimehul

    I am not sure how much amount of time you have spend in researching to come to conclusion on your theory of atheism but I am sure when you started you wanted to prove that atheism is the way! Your research seems to be one sided friend.

    Do you have explanation of who designed Human/animal/plants bodies and its functioning?
    Why is there a cycle of day and night?

    I would suggest you to study concept of Karma, I am sure it will answer most of your questions!

    “Why has he created such a world which is no less than place of woes and sufferings, where no one is satisfied, no matter how much he has achieved in his life?” This is human tendency and reason you have to take rebirth,

    Every religion has one end goal and that’s salvation “which is to get free from the cycle of births”, each religion has its own route and beliefs but with one ultimate goal. It like you want to reach some X place and there are different ways to reach there.

    1. Ishan

      Do you have explanation of who designed Human/animal/plants bodies and its functioning?
      You new to this world ? or have you forgotten the millions or maybe billions of year of evolution that the so called body design of yours hold in the form of DNA. Read the theory of evolution brother it’s important that you do and not just the religious texts or you might think you were created from something else.
      Why is there a cycle of day and night?
      Rotation of earth around it’s axis ever heard of that. It’s what makes the magnetic field that helps us to remain protected from our beloved sun or surya devata from frying our cells by a stream of E.M radiation.
      Religion is a mixture of culture, history and beliefs don’t confuse it with absolute law.It’s good to hold on to you’re religion but its not good to hold only onto it. Even physics says that no law is absolute it just says no instances of its violation has been observed. Anything that is violated losses its status .

      Weather god exists or not remains a matter of choice and faith but please don’t spread balant misturths under the banner of god and religion. Don’t answer question like
      Do you have explanation of who designed Human/animal/plants bodies and its functioning?
      Why is there a cycle of day and night?
      with religion let science do that and leave god for the predicament of life to be more than just animals that strive for their own survival. Let god guide you to be a better person and science to guide you towards the answers don’t interchange or what you will have is nothing more than FALSE belief

    2. Apoorv Tiwari

      Man you are insane. Literally can’t think of a word to describe you. Do you really believe that god showered the asteroid to kill dinosaurs so that humans could come into existence. and then they put every science to create the DNA,bones etc. Even if this happened then which GOD did this?? Please specify any name or take a wild guess. I really want to hear you.

    3. Giriraj Pratap

      mr Apporv , dont consider god as a man who is sitting in the lab and doing all this, its a mechanism of spirituality and a concept of supernatural power.

    4. adya00

      There are religions which don’t believe in a cycle of births, hindus believe in rebirth and karma. Not others.

  6. Happy Nagashetti

    You lost my interest when you say you believe in Atheism. Atheism is the absence of religion !!!

  7. Shilpi

    Gud work Sumit, well researched…. and those who do not think it is well researched i blv hv narrow minds..I am an athiest and lemme tell you i hv been warned threatend n intimited by lots of those “believers” of al kinds-religious and spritual including my own family members!!.I never did that to any believer..i condemn the BELIEF and not the BELIEVER!!.As Karl Marx says- Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the ultimate opium for the Masses… they r quite intoxicated with their drug… To summarize- Religion is like a blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room….and actually finding it!!!! Way to go man 🙂

    1. Sumit Chahal

      Thnks shilpi for the appreciation and i really like your last lines

  8. amitRadhaKrishnaNigam

    sheer waste of time,, i am mad at myself why i read such articles,,importantly why they post it,,more importantly, why i am commenting…. ‘my extensive research and interest’..dude,,read something atleast…:)

    1. Sumit Chahal

      Yes dude u shouldn’t have read this bcoz a blind believer could never understand realism, but i have an advice for u, be a thinker , be critical but don’t accept things blindly bcoz it is really easy

  9. incurionamita

    finally a piece not rubbing the superiority of religion with sane arguments for atheist. thank you.

    1. Sumit Chahal

      Thnks for appreciating it….

  10. Apoorv Tiwari

    We are responsible for our own actions. Not a hypothetical figure which we worship blindly. Cut animals in the name of God,Pollute lands in the name of God and create a fake image to convince ourselves. Many people would like to argue in this context. “Ramayana was a real story,Quran is real” etc. But the truth is our ancestors believed in showing people the right path. So they told stories like our mothers tell children to inculcate values in their lives. Don’t leave your religion but give a thought to everything. Hard work brings success,not praying to God.

    1. Jonathan John

      Exactly! When it comes to seeking the “truth”, why on earth do we think it’s more sensible to trust the words of uneducated animal grazers and shepherds of 3000 B.C. than trusting the modern notion of reasoning and logic which demands hard evidence??? Those myths and miracles can be interpreted anything… from fantasy moral stories as you said to illusions etc.

  11. rahul

    Mythical gods are part of folklore all around the globe..most civilizations are based on such depiction either through stone paintings carvings etc, we indians date so back its been like a passed on iformation through ages, so whoever touched it added a bit to it, i guess, eg. caste system, rituals, sacrifices etc,.
    Following god is not an issue rather its a good thing but it should be treated as a faith, an inner feeling and it should be about following some principles on how to lead your life. But in india its opposite its all about selfishness and empowering over each other in the name of god, this is what should be changed and generation now can do thhere bit by passing rightoues knowledge to next generations to come.

  12. Shilpi

    @ some random radhakrishna guy…. save ur time…n waste it in preaching hatred to humanity!!!

  13. Mukul Dev

    I would say that research is one sided , great effort but could have been even better.

  14. Jonathan John

    I have been raised as a Christian. And now I am no more a Christian. The reason? Thats because even if God exists, I don’t think he is actually worthy of being worshiped. Christian God is an egotistical maniac who slaughters mercilessly just because someone doesn’t agree with him. That kind of God isn’t worthy of worship whatsoever. So, although I don’t call myself “atheist” by definition, I say I am a “Don’t Fucking Carist”. If he’s there or he’s not, doesn’t actually matter to me. The world is lying in a misery and since Jesus last visited this earth 2000 years ago, it has been human efforts of medical science by which we have been able to increase average life-span of human race. All that matters is what we do for the betterment of humanity. That’s it.

    1. romitalfred1991

      I agree with you when said “All that matters is what we do for the betterment of humanity.” As you were born Christian then I can ask you is Who is Jesus Christ and why did he die on the Cross? Why did he die for our sins? Why did he say “forgive them for they do know what they are doing”
      According to you it maybe stories of the Bible and it was not to be taken as story but to be learnt from. It is 2000 years and not a perfect world a yet after Christ died. God sent his only Son who died for our sins. That is lesson to be learnt and that is one powerful “Word”. Our duty is to work upon that word. As humans we have freedom whether to kill others or love others. If we call to God he will be there I assure you that. Keep the faith. Faith same like “Mahatma Gandhi”, “Mother Teresa”, “Martin Luther King” many more people who not covered by media but these are real who have worked in the name of God. You also can be an example of Faith which will spread the Love not of a man but of God. Sciences have grown because of Love for man so that he cures his neighbour. It is Love that keeps us to research for the betterment of mankind. More we turn to God we know we can grow and ask more questions about life and he is ready to answer us all. If you still want to go on realism facts will distort you which is again written by many men and women who also believe in realism but forget the reality of Love and keep circling around with facts (“seeing is believing”) by then we will forget the person who is troubled just next to us.

    2. aashinomics

      Leaving everything aside, I will strongly recommend you look into Mother Teresa’s life and the ***** she was in reality.
      Peace be upon her.

  15. Jonathan John

    I think you should read my posts regarding this… It will give an idea of where religious dogmas actually stand today and what its future going to be…

  16. romitalfred1991

    Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Luke 10:27 ,- many people would hate this statement because it shows religion from my side. I would say religion was created to redirect to the ONE who is God. Religion has be distorted by our human weaknesses of something which you heard called “Sins”. Its funny word “Sin” but it surely affects us and others due to our “Sins”. Different religion teaches different things about God. But who is God? It can’t be questioned but to be Thanked. Why thanked? that still questions our conscience because of the Word “Sin”. Realism is what we see or finding out facts about something which we question about but doesnt cover “LOVE” and your neighbor in it. “Love” also is a funny word many of us feel, but don’t remove “ove” and replace it with “ust” (Lust). I believe there is God because that is what is gonna be in the end of the universe and the start of the universe where there is no time. If you don’t like this what I said its just anger so whether we believe in realism also the world is not gonna be a better place because it doesnt have something called as “Love”. So again I say again what religion taught me to tell you not force you but to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Luke 10:27 and one more thing “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; Luke 10:27. God created all us and “God is Love”. So you know what you should do is “Love”.

  17. G THOMAS

    You say, “… we have this and only this life to appreciate this amazing universe and for that I am extremely grateful.” To whom are you grateful?

    I am not being facetious. Is life not a gift? Do we not sense that? But a gift by definition is given to someone by someone.

  18. Sone Ki Chidiya

    One, I am an atheist.
    Two, everyone has his or her own definition of God, hence your definition stands invalid if it claims to be the voice of the entire theist community,
    Three, religion doesn’t give birth to conflicts, it’s the misinterpretation by people that does.
    Four, your understanding of atheism is still low. The best way to understand and preach atheism is not by criticizing religion or those who follow it but by studying the religious texts and finding some rationality. You are an atheist because you heard someone’s interpretation of some religion and did not agree with it. Where does that leave you, my friend?

    1. Giriraj Pratap

      Sensible..thnx for enlightening this post.

  19. Niraj Nirmal

    If you start a debate on God, it’s going last forever. Instead why dont everyone, irrespective of the man made religions, castes and creeds open their eyes and see that the true power behind our sustenance is Nature. Protect it. Save what is left of it. Be responsible Human beings rather than pointing fingers at one another.

  20. Sanith Sriram Menon

    You have your own reason to follow athiesm. I respect that. Here I need to clarify one thing. You said different religions have contradicting traditions & faiths, citing an example of eating meat for hindus & muslims. Well it is due to the difference in the geographical & social conditions that existed in areas where these religions (ways of living) originated. Hinduism, along with budhism, Jainism, sikhism etc that originated in India discourage eating meat. That is because it is Rajasic, something which is obtained by completely destroying a life. India has plentiful vegetation, fertile soil, Water availability, sufficient to feed the people with vegetarian food, which never kills a life completely. eg: eating fruits sustain us & throwing away their seeds buds a life. Also Hinduism has never forbaded the consumption of meat. Pls refer to bhagavad gita to what the hindu philosophy says on vegetarianism & non vegetarianism. Islam originated in a geographical area scarce in vegetation which would not be sufficient to feed the population there. Since fodder is available, the have to depend on meat for their survival. So Islam culture has meat eating as its culture.
    It is the belief, that different religions have different faiths, which is blind. With due respect to your faith in athiesm, let me say that please study the practices of different religions or cultures & have a rational, unbiased analysis, then come to a kudgement whether they are beseless or contradicting.
    If you say there is no proof for God’s existence, let me say that there is no proof either which denies its Existence. Its rather a hypocracy to deny the existance of something which is beyond our logic.
    God is nothing but the energy that sustains the universe, which is whithin me, you & everyone, everywhere.

  21. Sanith Sriram Menon

    God is Nature, the energy that sustains everything. Energy van neither be created, nor destroyed. That’s what science says. So how can God be created? When there is no question of God’s creation, where does the question of God’s creator arise? It can be transformed from one form to another. The energy within a body after it dies, gets into some other body, say a plant, a bird, an animal etc. This is called rebirth. And if this energy gets added to the formless energy (worshipped as God), the energy that surrounds us, the nature, it is called Moksha or Nirvana. The problem is, the way people picturise God is wrong.

  22. Anupreet

    I agree with the author. God is just a concept made up by humans to lay blame on some invisible power, push their own selfish agenda in name of divine order, refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour.
    Factors beyond our control are plain chance/randomness. And certain people with fertile imagination make theories of luck, etc. Out of that chance factor.
    We refuse to believe we’re just flesh and bones, we cannot believe death is end, so to feed our denial we concoct such beliefs about reincarnation, heaven, hel and whatnot.
    Karma theory holds little water. Does it mean that a rapist should not be punished, simply because it was in victim’s karma to get raped? Those who get robbed or murdered are paying for their sins?
    I am glad such articles are appearing on YKA.

    If atheists do not have proof or their research is useless, then why don’t theists give solid explanations to counter them? Simply dissing a contrary view is not fair.

  23. Chandu

    One of my favorite quotes regarding religion: “God gave us morals, the Devil turned them into religion.”

    Honestly, I’m 100% an atheist as well. I think God, religion, mythology — they were all created by man to make sense of the unknown and find comfort in times of need. Still, there is something true about man-made God and religion as said by the quote above, too. I think the concept of God started innocently enough and rapidly morphed into more of a political tool for different groups of people to claim superiority over others.

    *Sigh* I wish people could consider rationality a religion. Just promote logical, unemotional, unsentimental thinking as a way of living. It would solve so many problems…

  24. Monistaf

    Thank you for this well written article. I too am an atheist and came to that conclusion for different reasons. I truly believe that the greatest freedom a country can give its citizens is not “freedom of religion” but “freedom FROM religion”. I also believe that the only constant in life is change. Given enough time, everything will change and that has been our collective experience. So, if you say a book is the word of God and cannot change, it violates the fundamental truth and experience that I know to be real, so it is unacceptable to me. With that said, I will also strongly defend everyone’s right to believe what ever it is they want, just like I have been given a chance to form my own opinion. Atheism is a growing movement around the world and one of the leading proponents is the Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist from Oxford. If you are looking to learn more, please visit

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A former Assistant Secretary with the Ministry of Women and Child Development in West Bengal for three months, Lakshmi Bhavya has been championing the cause of menstrual hygiene in her district. By associating herself with the Lalana Campaign, a holistic menstrual hygiene awareness campaign which is conducted by the Anahat NGO, Lakshmi has been slowly breaking taboos when it comes to periods and menstrual hygiene.

A Gender Rights Activist working with the tribal and marginalized communities in india, Srilekha is a PhD scholar working on understanding body and sexuality among tribal girls, to fill the gaps in research around indigenous women and their stories. Srilekha has worked extensively at the grassroots level with community based organisations, through several advocacy initiatives around Gender, Mental Health, Menstrual Hygiene and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) for the indigenous in Jharkhand, over the last 6 years.

Srilekha has also contributed to sustainable livelihood projects and legal aid programs for survivors of sex trafficking. She has been conducting research based programs on maternal health, mental health, gender based violence, sex and sexuality. Her interest lies in conducting workshops for young people on life skills, feminism, gender and sexuality, trauma, resilience and interpersonal relationships.

A Guwahati-based college student pursuing her Masters in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bidisha started the #BleedwithDignity campaign on the technology platform, demanding that the Government of Assam install
biodegradable sanitary pad vending machines in all government schools across the state. Her petition on has already gathered support from over 90000 people and continues to grow.

Bidisha was selected in’s flagship program ‘She Creates Change’ having run successful online advocacy
campaigns, which were widely recognised. Through the #BleedwithDignity campaign; she organised and celebrated World Menstrual Hygiene Day, 2019 in Guwahati, Assam by hosting a wall mural by collaborating with local organisations. The initiative was widely covered by national and local media, and the mural was later inaugurated by the event’s chief guest Commissioner of Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) Debeswar Malakar, IAS.

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