FULL BROADCAST: Exclusive Election 2014 Google Hangout By Youth Ki Awaaz And ADR

Posted on April 6, 2014 in Politics, Video

Here is the full broadcast of a very interesting hangout organized by Youth Ki Awaaz and ADR.

At 11:00, Chakshu Roy talks about how seriously elections are taken and what actually happens once politicians win. At 13:00, Yogesh Upadhyay brings in the discussion about the AAP manifesto and then at 35:50 he gives the youth a message, something that you will probably connect with the most.

At 24:10, Ravish Kumar brings up a very interesting perspective on how this is a completely male opinionated and dominated election followed by Jagdeep Chhokar at 27:10 who will tell you what exactly should be your criteria to vote this election. Prof. Chhokar ends the discussion with something really important, that you must not miss.

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