What Is The Next Level In My Life? Here’s A Program That Answers Your Question!

Posted on April 1, 2014 in Education

By Vedika Lal:

The verdict is clear- the world isn’t working for a lot of us. We often face the possibility of living in monotony and routine. We can change this. We have the ability to alter our tracks and find more meaning and excitement in our precious lives. As we become more connected, exposed and aware, we become more empowered to change the world we live in.

Our answer to this transformation lies in leadership.

As we enter this new phase of our existence, we need a set of zealous, mindful, and globally accessible individuals- a set of individuals who:
– know who they are
– know what they want from their lives
– are well connected
– are informed
– are adaptable

How do we equip ourselves with these capacities? Business schools and industries have, for very long, been at the forefront of disseminating the latest in leadership. In this regard, IIM Bangalore, one of India’s premier business schools has taken the lead. IIM B is the knowledge partner for Relead, an international program that is designed to equip individuals with skills to lead into the future. Held by The Blue Ribbon Movement, a Mumbai based social organization; Relead aims to enable leadership for tomorrow’s world.


The foundations of Relead are in psychology, philosophy, personal growth, management, ecology and systems thinking. It also uses an ontological approach to leadership – looking at the ‘being’ of a leader. The methodology is a blend from across various disciplines – essentially an interactive approach that combines action with reflection and utilizes art, games, simulations and conversations to distil and make sense of the ideas being explored.

It will be a life changing experience in that it will give individuals the time, space and processes to reflect on the most important questions of their lives — questions around where they truly belong, what are their most precious gifts and what they want to dedicate their lives to.

Relead is thus an opportunity to take a fresh look at our lives and choices.

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