This Interactive Map Tells You All About What Delhi Voters Are Voting For

Posted on April 10, 2014 in Politics

This map visualization provides information on the various issues that voters in Delhi are concerned with. Provided on the map are ‘issue’ which is the voters’ perception of important issues; ‘performance’ which refers to the current MPs performance on the relevant issue and ‘scores’. Click on the relevant boxes to explore and learn more about what the voters are thinking.

Here is a party focused graphic visualization. Click on each issue and observe how each polling constituency performed. Falling drops represent the situation wherein performance of the MP was lower than the voters’ expectation. Upside-down drops represent the opposite situation. Length of the drop is proportional to the difference between issues and performance. Finally the last map shows how the ruling party performed in each issue at a state-level.

Data made available by Association for Democratic Reforms and visualized by Social Cops