MUST WATCH: The Horrific Bhopal Gas Tragedy Showcased In This Bone Chilling 165 Seconds Trailer

Posted on April 10, 2014

On the night of 3rd December, 1984, Union Carbide tank 610, released 40 tonnes of lethal gas into Bhopal. What followed was the worst industrial disaster in human history. “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain” is an upcoming movie set amidst that disaster. This 2 minute 45 second long trailer of the movie encompasses the horrifying darkness, the immense fear, and the bone chilling hopelessness of that night and the days that followed.

Words are just not enough to describe what the visualisation of a dark reality makes you feel. As one of the movie posters says, “30 years have passed. It’s time to tell their story”

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