[VIDEO] Delhi People Were Asked Simple Questions About India; Their Answers Will Amuse You!

Posted on April 3, 2014

By Meghana Rathore and Jaisal Rathee: 

Elections are just a few days away and everyone’s expecting a multitude of things. Most of us keep cribbing about how the system works and how appalling have the governments been so far. But are we aware enough ourselves, about the political set up of world’s largest democracy and do we qualify as aware citizens?

We went on this quest of finding out how well does the youth know about the nation’s polity. So, SorteddTv came up with a political trivia quiz and we asked a few people some very basic questions. You will be amazed and amused by the answers we got. But, don’t only be amused. It’s imperative we also understand that as good citizens we must be aware because we are the youth and the future of this nation.

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