Watch And Be Amazed While This Man Demonstrates The Future Of Education, And Redefines Schooling

Posted on April 11, 2014 in Education, Video

Here is a fact: at 1:30 in this video, you will be hooked.

But that’s just the beginning. At 3:00, he makes a very strong statement, a statement that leaves you thinking hard and at 4:49, he makes the most honest observation in the simplest manner possible. The story of what he does after that, with just one hole in the wall and a computer system, is, for the lack any word suitable enough, absolutely amazing. At 6:30, he narrates about the time when he heard, for the first time as a teacher, the phrase “Teach Ourselves”.

Throughout this 22 minute talk, Sugata Mitra will surprise you with experiments on learning with kids, the results of which seemed completely impossible to begin with, but the end result, is right now changing the face of education.

At 13:22 he asks a devastating question and later reveals how we shut the brains of our children and then ask them to perform. At 19:40 he shares his wish with the world and then ends the talk with a picture and an answer that will stick with you for many days to come. Watch it and be an admirer of unobstructed belief.