12 Kinds of People You Meet In The Metro

Posted on May 28, 2014 in Lists, Specials

By Mayank Jain:

If you have travelled regularly in Delhi/Kolkata metro, you deserve a medal for getting through all the bad Karma humanity has drawn upon itself. The trains are not evil, but the sheer variety of the people you meet can sometimes make you strengthen your faith in the idea of an apocalypse. Here are the kinds of people you meet in the Metro trains:

  1. The environ-mentally cautious ones:
    They might be the ones with protest posters stamped on their cool t-shirts or at other times, they can be spotted carrying anything from a small plant to a bicycle.

bikes-on-escalators2. The Errand Ninjas:
From women knitting sweaters to men clipping their nails, they are taking over the planet!


3. Sleeping Beauties:
Some call them cute, but it is only until they encounter a half sleepy zombie asking which station is about to arrive.


4. Awkward Luggage Bearers:
They are just…awkward, you know?

metro-life (4)[2]

5. Serial Texters:
They are the ones who might pretend to be busy when they see an old women standing right beside them because they are too lazy to stand up. Look into their phones and you find them pretending to text.


6. The Hangers:
For the lack of a better word:

7. The Pushovers:
They are going to push you over and run you down so that they can get on that escalator faster. *Duh!*


8. The Loud Speakers:
They are fighting with their spouses and they want the world to know they are right. Why, I ask. Why?

9. Overly attached couples:
It might take some effort to keep them from merging into one and nothing can come between them. Not even air.


10. The creepy observers:
They neither need a reason to stare nor an invite. They will do it when they want and they think they are ‘observing’ your body/dog/key chain.


11. The Fashionistas:
They dress to kill. Enough said.


12. Paa Mascots:
They dance to their own tunes and roam with swag in the coaches. When you spot them, RUN!


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