“I Beg You To Notice Me”, A Bone Chilling Appeal To Politicians From An Everyday Citizen

Posted on May 23, 2014 in Politics, Video

Ad-Filmmaker Ram Subramanian set up the production house Handloom Picture Company to venture into entrepreneurship in advertising. Their short video titled ‘Mute’, which emphasized the need to vote, went viral on social media as the Aam Aadmi Party‘s official Facebook Page shared it with the message – “A lot of us never vote, or voted a few times and just don’t see the point anymore. Most of us think at least once every day about how the system is corrupted to the core and our taxes are completely wasted. But ALL OF US now have an option to vote out corruption. Remember if you don’t won’t ,you don’t have a voice.  This video was made by a group of concerned citizens and AAP felt that it’s our responsibility to share it with everyone.”

The next video they have come up with is called ‘Unmute’, and it is even more powerful than the previous one. It is a collective appeal to the elected representative on behalf of the people. Watch for yourself: