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Why BJP’s PM Candidate Narendra Modi Is The Best Bet This Election

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By Deepak Venkateswaran:

With the battle for the LS 2014 already half the way, it seems to be getting more interesting with each passing day. As we observe the updates from the 7th phase of polling happening in 89 constituencies, here is why I feel that Narendrabhai Modi is the best candidate who deserves a term at the south block. Observing on a macro-level, I have seen that our electorate has been broadly divided into three categories while each has its own micro-concerns that have been covered.


Those in favour of BJP/ Modi

This is the first section of our electorate, the ones who have already voted Modi for PM in their minds, having seen Gujarat make tremendous progress under his rule for the last 12 years with policies being implemented at optimum speed.

Modi is one of the few leaders who works with his bureaucracy to its optimum potential giving them a free hand so that they can work with efficiency. In fact, even though he has put four of his cabinet ministers as in-charges in Gujarat, for the time being, it is his core team of four IAS officers who do the real work, which explains why the implementation part is better in Gujarat. Sharing his vision with the bureaucrats is one of the most innovative thinking that Modi has utilized to the maximum.

Supporters have seen how Modi has been targeted by his opponents in the name of the unfortunate incident that occurred in 2002 ( in spite of the Supreme Court giving him a clean chit), and they have again seen how the man braved every allegation and kept fighting this battle to ultimately come out victorious. All through the journey, the people of Gujarat have stood by him. The grilling and test reflects in Modi’s personality, making him stronger than ever.

The recent interview with Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat or with ANI is proof enough where Modi clarified his stand on the different allegations on him, as well as his silence on 2002 (and why he let the legal system decide).

India has seen the best of governance under BJP and Vajpayee from 1998-2004, with a steady GDP growth rate of 8.4% in just 6 years with a number of landmark projects being setup and completed in record time, including the golden quadrilateral highway. Also, in the present day, BJP ruled states are faring better than most of the congress ruled states in terms of progress from their condition in earlier years. Here are a few references which show that NDA was better and left the office with the economy being in a better shape, which the UPA ruined badly:

BJP led NDA vs Congress led UPA: A reality check
How UPA turned NDA’s economic growth into shambles
Congress versus BJP: Who has fared better in the last five years
A small reference in the case of MP that can be used as an additional reading material

While coming to the current scenario, the BJP is the only party with a manifesto that has spoken or made a clear stance on how it plans to take forward it’s vision for Science and Technology in India, as reported by The Hindu on 30th April 2014. Adding to that, BJP is the only party which has advocated the cause of a uniform civil code, which is very necessary for the country to progress on the path of development.

Finally, I would like to add that it is for the people to note that none of the top BJP leaders have made it to their position because of their DNA and have worked their way up there, from Rajnath Singh to Modi ; from Advani to Jaitley; or from Dr. Harshvardhan to Raman Singh. It is a party where even a physics professor can become the party president or a chaiwallah the PM bid. Thus, any given day, these leaders would do a better job in interacting with the common people and in implementing projects in a better way for they know how long it took them to get there.

The ‘politically unaligned‘ type

The second set of our population, which constitutes a major chunk of it, is the one which is politically not inclined to any party but rather wants a strong, accountable, corruption-free and credible government at the centre that implements economic policies and can bring in a sustainable legal structure for the common man in the country. This is the set of population which would be happy by a good budget, controlled inflation and a life that promises security from terrorism and insurgency. These people want better roads in their cities and good public transport that helps them commute to work faster, better educational facilities and infrastructure for a decent living. The urban and middle class income population falls into this category.

For these voters, here is a report that draws a clear comparison between UPA (10 years in office) and NDA ( 6 years in office).

While numerous other evidences about how the BJP and Modi are eligible enough to form a government that can fulfil the aspirations of the country are given above, as a citizen, all I have to appeal to these voters is that it is time for a change from the 10 years of policy paralysis and stagnant economy. Owing to its stable track record from 1998-2004 and excellent top class leadership, the BJP led NDA seems fit enough to do the job.

Those opposed to Modi ( more than BJP)

The third subset are the extreme Modi haters who would do anything to oppose Modi and keep hurling baseless allegations on him with their assumptions of the country being destroyed and minorities being side-lined if Modi becomes the PM. These are pure assumptions that originate into the minds of the people who cannot look ahead and rather find their pleasure in lamenting over 2002 while the SC has made it clear that Modi has not done anything to provoke the riots.

Here are a few solid shreds of evidence that our respected baseless Modi detractors who doubt Modi’s secular credentials may take a look at:

Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?
Part 2 — Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?
Part 3: Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?

They fail to respect the decision given by the Supreme Court on the 2002 case and also the fact that as a citizen they are bound to respect the legal system of the country on moral grounds (however, they may express their disagreement in a formal manner and not without any formidable base). They are the ones who still buy the pseudo-secular claims of the congress ( and it’s B team i.e. AAP) and feel that the minorities need to be given more freebies and numerous other doles as that is the symbol of being a truly secular democracy.

As the BJP and Modi have made it clear that their agenda is ‘ Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’ ( development for all ), it’s detractors have no grounds to allege that it is a party that represents the interests of only one community. It is rather a party which does not consider religion as a parameter at all in the process of development and views everyone with the same view.

AAP is another formidable opponent whose voice Arvind Kejriwal has been targeting Modi over his Gujarat Model of Development and he has eaten into formidable support base of the Modi opponents too in his bastion. For all those ‘AAPtards’ who criticize on grounds of baseless stuff without giving any proof, here are a few evidences they could refer.

Part 4: Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?
Part 5: Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?
Part 6: Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?
Part 7: Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?

A very common criticism on Gujarat is that its social indicators are not good, to which all I would say is that the funds on health, education and employment schemes are regulated by the central government to the states and the attitude of Congress-led UPA towards Modi is very well known which reflects in their allocation of funds. While another report suggests that the social indicators are very much at par with the national level.

Quoting from The Hindu issue on April 21st, as the writer David Cohen says “As I understand it, if you favour allowing citizens to be treated differently on the basis of their religious beliefs, then you are an open-minded “secularist.” If, on the other hand, you favour treating all citizens equally under the law, without regard to their religion, then you are a “religious extremist.” I believe it is high time to end this wrong notion of secularism and think in true terms as Indians and work together for the development for all.

Looking from all the above three perspectives, it is clear that the BJP led NDA government headed by Narendra Modi, if it comes to power in 2014, can provide a stable government which can reverse the hang-over of the last 10 years.

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  1. Sanjeev Kumar (Antim)

    This website is inclined towards Modi. I have sent several article to this website which goes against the line of praising Modi and they did not published a single article. They did not even replied to my mail. Its not that may articles did not had qualities because same articles were published by several magazines including Mass Media, Jan Media, Kafila, Counter Current, Hastkshep, The Citizen, Kashmir Times, Beyondheadlines etc.

    1. Vishal

      Mr. Sanjeev, if you could see that this is not in praise of modi, but an analysis based on facts and reports. Every point has been substantiated with proofs and reports.
      And praising or going against modi may be your call , but on emotional basis or senseless stuff is definitely not welcome. Your comment shows your lack of observation and your lag in reading YKA.
      There are so many articles criticizing modi by so many people over here. I urge you to look properly the portal!!
      Sad that such ignorant people like you still can say this!!

  2. Shiwang

    why did they lost in himachal , uttarakhand and karnataka??

  3. Prashant Kaushik

    Modi haters don’t believe in Supreme Court or any Indian court. They tun their parallel courts comprising of Leftists-Marxist historians and journalists.

    Man, prepare yourself for worst scavenging attack. If they can go and lick the boots of US President Obama, there is no wonder why they won’t eat your flesh and mind on this site.

  4. balayogiv

    I am happy that YOUTH KI AWAAZ has managed to see beyond leftist interpretations and seeing things other than through the prism of leftist ideology in which most main stream newspapers, journalists , including many in YOUTH KI AWAAZ are indoctrinated and find it difficult to come out of that identity cage. This articles for a change sees facts in politics beyond those preconceived ideological prisms

  5. Ashwin Dubey

    Engineers like you think they can comment on all aspects of society because they know technology more than others, while they are the one’s visiting temples the most, intolerant to good art and music and ignorant about the society and its problems. This substandard article proves this. My apologies for the personal attacks on the writer but his disregard towards anti-Modi views and condescending tone offended me. I am myself an engineering student so kindly don’t think my opinion is generalized about the engineering students.

    1. Vishal

      Mr . Ashwin!! From your hollow comment it is very much evident that you haven’t read a single hyperlink given in the above article.
      What the author has done here is give a analysis using the reports over time times published . And heaven alone knows from where a senseless baseless retard like you can bring in art and music into this.

      Here the single point agenda is a good government for India and all the choices of candidates.
      And from your comment it seems you are not even aware of the issues as much as the author is or we are. All you can do is hurl personal attacks and you are good enough only for that.
      And to your last humpty-dumpty stand ( pn anti modi views) , there is no disregard to anti-modi views rather strong counter and evidence ( in the form of hyper links ) to counter the same. You seem to be a AAPtard looking by your comments!! 😛

      I am an engineering student too. U simply cannot distiguish between an analysis report and an article.! Go live off with barking your views without proofs!!

    2. Ashwin Dubey

      Vishal i did read few of the links, yes not as I was pissed off by the writers vanity. Citing few examples like that of tourism I don’t think help when you’re projecting an ideal development model when it lags on crucial parameters like healthcare and education. Each state Government has excelled in some sector or the other. I have seen the press conference in Which Vajpayeeji said “Gujrat k mukhyamantri ko raajdharm ka paalan karna chahiye”, the writer is trying to twist the incident in his vain opinion. Why didn’t Vajpayeeji said that Modi is fulfilling rajdharma without Modi’s interruption? why did Vajpayee wanted Modi to resign? Why was Vajpayee himself resigning from the PMship over Gujrat when Modi wasn’t? this was sufficient for me to deduce that the writer is himself hiding the facts, something for which he is accusing the media. An what an idiot will call an interview a proof? something which the writer did, in case you failed to notice.
      Also for your information, I am banned form AAP’s facebook page due to criticism, while people using foul language are allowed to continue.
      why did bring arts and music in it? because a person intolerant to folk or foreign music and art is likely to be intolerant towards the poor and dissimilar views. I won’t post any “hyperlinks” which you demand as a certificate because I think that if you are not idiotic enough to be carried in an artificial wave and rationalistic enough to question the Gujrat model as an ideal then you will yourself read about Gujrat’s healthcare, sanitation, human development index, education and Modi’s role in 2002 yourself. I cannot wake up someone pretending to be asleep.

    3. Ashwin Dubey

      * i did read few of the links, yes not all as I was pissed off

    4. Vishal

      1) You didnt read the hyperlinks completely which shows your lack of in-depth knowledge about the article.

      2) About Vajpayeeji and Modiji, i have seen the press conference too!! And if you are not aware, Modi dissolved the legislative assembly completely, and fresh elections were held. The people of Gujarat have voted him back again and again. And about an interview, that i presume is a very important piece of evidence as Modi has clearlty answered about 2002 and the SC judgement, in case you didnt see it. And he answered the publics qstns more..

      3) For your hollow argument on 2002, if you look at the above links there is one which shows the clippings of report by The Hindu on the day of the riots, where the media ( that blamed him over 13 years) has itself reported about the frantic efforts and quick steps he took as a CM.
      And this is a democracy sir!! Your emotional attacks won’t do any good. I as a responsible citizen respect the SC decision.

      4) Again on your allegation on Gujarat’s healthcare and Social sector, there is a study by Dr.Bibek Debroy the consulting editor of The Economic times. which very much says that the indicators are in par with national average.
      I am sad to quote from the article . but as the writer has said the truth that the funds are also dependent from the centre, and their attitude towards modi is not hidden at all. So how is he at blame alone??

      Your thoughts are just clouded over the past and baseless presumptions. While the writer has clearly given cogent arguments on his side with facts and figures from very reliable sources, you are just alleging baseless things which any anti modi predator always does.
      From what i realize you are blindly opposed to Modi, and what you need is some facts and facing with realities. I guess you please read the Modi Phenomenon articles seriously once again!!

      Jai Hind!!

    5. Ashwin Dubey

      Since you understand only hyperlinks—education-sector-/1127590/

      You respect all decisions of the supreme court? then you must be a homophobic, if thats the case then tell because I don’t want to waste my time with one.
      Premature elections were held in Gujarat to take electoral advantage of the riots.
      A state which is being projected as an ideal cannot be at par with the national average, it has got to be above it, but you won’t think this way because you’ve learned a way of fulfilling your duty towards the society which is by supporting Modi. Because you are under this delusion and you need a way to vent out your frustration against corruption and poverty, you will not see anything against Modi.
      Why has the BJP aligned with LJP if Modi is someone sent by god and a National hero? Why was Muthalik inducted into the party at first place? how could BJP felicitate the leaders responsible for Muzzafarnagar riots? Why is Modi wasting the Indian taxpayers money by fighting from two seats? why don’t you respond to all my attacks and not just the ones you’re comfortable dealing with?
      Also kindly refrain from attacking any other political party because no other political party or leader has a wave like the BJP and Modi have.

    6. Vishal

      gosh!! You sound like a desperate bollywood hero to make his cry clear!

      1)And for your first point, i do not frame my stand on hyperlinks alone, rather substantiate my points what i have observed and seen with solid facts. Because emotional attacks dont yield any good. And here the author has just done that.

      2) Respecting the decisions of SC is the moral duty of every Indian citizen, and if you call such people homophobic then I simply cannot do anything but _/\_ to u!! Because it is the apex court of the body indipendent of any political influence ( at least we say so).
      HOwever even if it was the other way round, the SIT was formulated by the Cong-led UPA who wouldnt leave a chance to allege modi. So you have no grounds to oppose the SC decission blindly.

      3) Again state elections, they were held in Dec.2002 which is ample time I believe, and if you have not seen the links posted above on the relief efforts and other initiatives ( including the efforts taken during the riots to control them taken by modi ) i strongly urge you to think again with a little open mindedness.

      4) And the bigger part of any mistake is to ensure that such a thing does not happen again, and Modi has made it sure in last 12 years. And his development initiatives HAVE YIELDED RESULTS ( mind you why i typed in capitals those words). The very reason why Guj people have elected him back 4 times ( even immediately after the unfortunate incident)

      5) Again on your national avg dialogue!! I have to ask you to look at the point hat the funds are majorly allotted by central govt! And without any hyper links their attitude towards Guj and modi is not hidden. And from the percentage of GDP guj govt has spent on it has yeilded results and bought progress ( From what gujarat was before modi under vaghela or kesubhai patel )
      ( Congress has a stance- Any state govt which is not their party is opposed and given no help or aid!! Lets leave Guj and take BIhar example. Inspite of the excellent work done by Nitish Kumar, why is it not given a special status?? )

      6) True.. my frustration is on corruption and weak stand on border intrusions by hostile neighbors and slumbering economy!!
      And as a responsible citizen i have made my right choice, and i am proud of it.

      P,S, And from all the hyperlinks against modi you seem to have especially googled ” Anti-Modi articles” since you already have a preconceived notion against modi.

      7) On LJP and Paswan allying with BJP -. India is a democracy, and coalition politics prevail. And in such a free state parties are bound to join fronts and leave , join other fronts. Those are sometimes based on ideologial grounds, and tactful gains in voting.

      8) Correction…. Muthalik was expelled immediately from the party ( on opposition by the people) unlike some parties which listens to just one family voice

      9) Oh ok! SO fighting from two constituencies is your latest issue!! 😀 Gosh i am amazed how narrower you can think. I guess you are sponsoring elections at all other constituencies!! ( at least he is not looting the peoples money in the name of 2g, CoalGate of Foodder ).

      10 ) P.S. Basically what i can realize you are desperate to counter Modi and oppose him. Since you cannot have any solid grounds all you can pick up is election from 2 place, or LJP, or give some biased media sources against all the links i have posted. You are the one i realize having pre-conceived notions.

      Note: Please refer to the link posted above, most of them have an answer to the links you posted. ! And any person with common-sense will realize that those links carry far more authenticated sources and are from unbiased media ( such as the ET). TOI from time eternal has nothing but an anti modi fever in itself.

      And from you counter arguments I can realize that you are just desperate to counter Modi or my support for the article. And i assure you that all you can come up with is really lame stuff. And i may not comment again on your stupid counters until i really feel them worth it.

    7. Ashwin Dubey

      I called you homophobic because the supreme court criminalized gay sex.and you believe in all supreme court decisions. Either have faith in all constitutional bodies or question all of them, not just the PMO, that too when its democratically elected. You are calling ET a more authentic source than TOI? both are sister publications!! Am done, can’t waste my time when someone is not ready to act rationally. I might be acting cynical, but thats still more rational than putting blind faith. Good luck.

    8. Vishal

      WOnderful!! That shows u have not read the article even!! It says ” i respect the legal system of my country, and not that i agree to every decission of it ” . Even the ones sitting on the judiciary are humans and they are bound to their opinions and can make mistakes. It is human to make mistakes ( unless they are superman like you).
      And particularly mentioned in the write up that if there is any disagreement with legal system it should be shown in a formal way and not outrightly blaming it. ( When you make a mistake do your friends blame you outright or talk to you sensibly about it?? – see instead of hyperlinks i am using a simple real life example )
      From what you have said all along, i realize you are more baseless than cynical. And rational means ‘ in accordance to or logic ” and i have rational stuff for all that i stated here!!

      Grow up mr.Ashwin… and get a life!!
      I am done with you!

      GOod luck and Jai Hind!!

  6. Prashant Kaushik

    @ Vishal ( for the comments and conversation you were engaged in)
    Pls dont waste your energy in conversing this retard.
    His strength of logical thinking is evident from his keen observations which have been demonstrated by his first comment :-
    1) Engineers are less eligible to make an observation on politics or society.
    2) Engineers are less eligible to make such observations because the go to temples.

    @ writer of the article
    Well done for jotting a well documented article with sufficient citations.

    Thanks for this rare gesture for looking beyond communists and anti-modi brigade’s perception.

    It was amusing reading your comments. But I dont have the patience which Mr Vishal demonstrated while dealing with you. So I wont be able to answers your questions.

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A Guwahati-based college student pursuing her Masters in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bidisha started the #BleedwithDignity campaign on the technology platform, demanding that the Government of Assam install
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