DEBATE: Is DU Still Worth Spending 4 Years In For An Undergraduate Course?

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Education

The University of Delhi is one of the most popular education hubs in India. Mainly because of the lifestyle it promises to give you, and also because of the wide variety of courses it offers. However, it has been in news for the last two years for hastily introducing the Four Year Undergraduate Program, not consulting the Delhi University Teachers’ Association for this implementation, and adding to students’ misery by making them study for one extra year. There also are those who like this option of spending another year in the prestigious university.

DU’s overall rank on the latest QS University Rankings: Asia 2014 is 81. On the Faculty-Student indicator, it ranks 201. In a country where we are obsessed with report cards and grades, does this rank make DU worth spending an extra year studying a course which is available in other institutes across India?