Guess How People React When They See Others Littering Public Spaces. SPOILER: They Don’t!

Posted on May 9, 2014 in Environment, Society, Video

When was the last time you hunted for a dustbin in a public space? Or wait… did this just sound blasphemous to you? Our country is perhaps the largest open toilet for men. We unconsciously dirty the roads with empty water bottles, Coke cans, paper plates and other relatives of the ‘use and throw’ family. We are also geniuses in blaming the system for everything that is our fault. It is time to stop passing this tradition of ‘never practicing what we preach’ to the younger generations, and actually do something about it

A group of young minds at Awkwardness Unlimited got together for a thoughtful social experiment to see if people stopped each other from littering and urinating in public. The results were disappointing. How can we claim to be a young progressive lot if we do not understand the basic responsibility of keeping our environment clean? The issue needs to be much more than a chapter in textbooks, and needs to be practiced.