Should Kejriwal And Party Stop Protesting Over Unreasonable Issues?

Posted on May 23, 2014 in Politics

By Mehul Thakkar:

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal was sent to Tihar jail on Wednesday after the Patiala House court in Delhi ordered him to be taken into judicial custody as the former Delhi chief minister refused to furnish bail bond in a criminal defamation complaint filed against him by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari. There was commotion outside Tihar jail in the evening as AAP activists staged a protest forcing the authorities to impose Section 144 outside the central prison.

Kejriwal4Several AAP workers, including senior party leader Yogendra Yadav, were detained by police following the clash.
If it is a crime to call a corrupt person corrupt, then send us to jail or hang us. This is dictatorship,” said Singh. Yadav slammed the police’s move to evict them saying, “We are not doing anything illegal. Those who are indulging in corruption… are sitting in their drawing rooms and enjoying while those opposing corruption are being sent to jail. What kind of justice is this?” Few workers of AAP while speaking to media said, “We are not against court, but the system.

The fact and the point here I am trying to prove is the court is a part of system. So, when you say you’re not against court, but the system the only conclusion of the statement is that you’re against the court’s decision of sending Arvind Kejriwal to jail for not furnishing the bail bond. For what was the peaceful protest was? The court had given the option to Kejriwal to furnish the bail bond, but he chose not to so. The court, in its order, also said that this was not a case where the accused is unable to furnish bail bond due to financial inability. “The accused is just adamant to not furnish bail bond or even a personal bond for his appearance before the court,” it said.

Kejriwal said that he was ready to give an undertaking that he will appear before the court but refused to furnish bail bond to secure bail. Why should Kejriwal have a problem in furnishing bail bond? He said, “I am ready to go to jail but will not opt bail.”
So what was the issue with AAP supporters yesterday? Why do they spread chaos every time? It was Kejriwal’s personal choice to go to Tihar jail and was not the injustice of the court. The matter is in the court and the next date of the court is May 23, 2014. So was going on protest outside court a logical and sensible option? Or to argue and make the magistrate in the courtroom believe your point is?

It’s high-time Kejriwal and AAP understand the political realism. They are not a bunch of protestors or activists anymore, and they need to act more responsibly. The public is watching you, play smart as the Delhi assembly elections are to be announced anytime soon.

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