Top 5 Indian Universities You Should Apply For After Your Board Exam Results

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Education

By Mayank Jain:

The board results are out and the world is out there to assault you with the questions, and the overly concerned uncles are going to flock to your home to ‘discuss’ your career; as if the boards’ pressure wasn’t enough already.

To make your life a little easier, we have compiled a list of the 5 universities which are the most respected ones when it comes to the quality of education and co-curricular alike. No matter what you choose, do check out these universities as soon as possible and apply for the courses you like.

1. Delhi University: This has to be the top choice for anyone because of its national and international repute which lures thousands of people to migrate to Delhi just to study in the DU. They come to experience the college life that’s interesting and happening and the university never disappoints.


DU has plethora of courses and colleges to choose from and the professional ones see good placements at the end of course too. From a bachelors in Spanish to a bachelors in Investment Management, there’s hardly anything that you won’t find in DU. Best colleges include SRCC, Kirori Mal College, Lady Sri Ram, Venkateshwara, Hindu and Hansraj College among many others. You can visit the Delhi University website here.

2. Christ University: For a rocking college life that’s academically strong and fantastic on the co-curricular front too, Christ University is the place to be. Christ is a deemed to be the university in Bangalore and is a private university, unlike DU, but it is one of the best ones in India, nevertheless. Social work, Tourism, Hotel Management and Business are few of the professional courses Christ offers.


There are the common ones for physics, commerce and law which see large number of aspirants applying for the courses. The university campus is one of the most beautiful out there and has been awarded ‘Best Institutional Buildings and Garden’ award three times in a row. You can visit the admissions page of the Christ University here.

3. University of Mumbai: Apart from the great revolt, 1857 saw the establishment of one of the oldest state universities in India: Mumbai University. The University is home to multiple departments and offers courses in numerous disciplines but stands apart for its commerce education as well as its department of medicine.


The library of Mumbai University is well stocked with over 8,50,000 books, journals and encyclopedias and 1,200 rare manuscripts are there for you to come and explore the worlds unknown. The alumni list of MU is star studded from Priyanka Chopra to B.R. Ambedkar among those who obtained education from the campus. You can visit the University of Mumbai website here.

4. Allahabad University: University of Allahabad is a public central university which was formed in 1887. The motto of the university is “Every branch yields a tree”, and it stands true to the same with multiple faculties and interdisciplinary institutes that are known all over the Asia for quality education.

The university boasts of two UGC centres for advanced studies too; for Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology, and Psychology. Fine Arts, Atomic Physics and Globalization Studies are some niche courses that the university has to offer. Know more about Allahabad University here.

5. University of Calcutta: Also established in 1857, Calcutta University (CU) is one of the best public state universities known for its rich culture and opulent heritage. The University takes pride in the fact that most people who cleared the National Eligibility Test were from CU to pursue research with full scholarship from the Government of India.


There are 14 university campuses spread throughout the city. The university boasts of 136 affiliated colleges which provide quality education and engaging avenues for extracurricular activities. You can visit the University of Calcutta to know more about their programs here.

The above list is neither definitive nor exhaustive. Please suggest us the universities which you think should be there on the list.

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