This Dog, With His Story, Will Inspire You To Do Something That The World Will Remember You For

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Inspiration, Society, Video

Dogs are man’s best friends. The role a dog plays in a man’s life is that of a friend, companion, protector and everything else that others fail to be. Having a dog to accompany you can ward off all sorts of loneliness and make you feel alive again. But, is it enough?

There is something more important than just having a companion in life. Watch the video below and you will discover the importance of that one thing which can help others experience the beauty and joys of the world: our eyes.

Those without eyes haven’t seen the colour of flowers or shades of the sky after it rains. It should be our duty to let others benefit from the organs which are going to be burnt or buried after the end of our lives; to no one’s benefit. Organ donation is a virtue we all should embrace and eye donation is the easiest of them all which takes only 10-15 minutes.

Go ahead. Share the message and make others see the importance of seeing. You can learn more about eye donation here.