Dantewada Has One Of The Lowest Literacy Rates In The Country: Join This Fellowship To Change This

Posted on June 19, 2014 in Education, Entrepreneurship

By Ashish Shrivastava:

India is supposed to be the second largest educational sector in the world. While urban schools are facing their own challenges, it’s the rural schools and rural education that often goes unnoticed and ignored. While there is a lot of advocacy around the plight of urban schools and the education system, the scenario for rural/tribal areas is something that deserves a lot more attention and support (considering the fact that 70% of India is still rural and it’s the biggest contributor to the GDP, man power, natural resources and the cultural sensitivity)

bachpan banao

85% of rural habitations and 94% of the population in rural India has a primary school within the distance of 1 km. Additionally, more than 90% of rural schools at elementary level are being run by the government. Overall enrolment numbers are very high. Over 96% of all children in the age group 6 to 14 years are enrolled in school. However the statistics with respect to the education delivery presents a very different picture.

According to the latest ASER [Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) 2012] compiled and facilitated by Pratham:

– 53.2% children in Std. V cannot read a Std. II level text
– 61.3% children enrolled in Std. III cannot read a Std. I level text
– 46.5% children enrolled in Std. V cannot solve simple two-digit subtraction problems
– 3/4th children in Std. V cannot do simple division

Dantewada is one such tribal area in South Bastar region of Chhattisgarh which is affected because of Left wing extremism with literacy rate being one of the lowest in the country.

Bachpan Banao, through its fellowship program works in government schools and tackles the issues of proper academic deliverance in rural areas. They are trying to ensure quality education for children from marginalized families by strengthening local teachers and resources.

About Bachpan Banao and the fellowship they are offering:
Bachpan Banao is offering a one year fellowship with the mission to empower the community and various stakeholders towards improving the education system in rural/tribal areas. As part of the fellowship we invite young professionals and graduates to live with the community and facilitate the process of change. The idea is to help the administration and community help identify their issues in education and come up with a solution. In the meantime we are also focusing on empowering local human resources through a mentoring program. The vision of the program resonates with Mahatma Gandhi’s belief in community ownership for overall development of the society.

The aim of “Mentor fellows” will be to co-create model classrooms and eventually setup model school involving the school staff. Through this the staff of the school and community as a whole will be able to see their ideas shaping in to reality hence motivating them to take ownership of the education system within the community

The Mentor Fellow will be wearing multiple hats, however the key responsibilities are as following:
– Mentoring young community teachers and working with him/her to create a model school with the help of community, staff and other stakeholders
– In charge for one class as class teacher.
– Assisting in-charge/principal in daily classroom administration
– Helping the in charge/ principal in school/office management activities
– Remedial Teaching during evening hours
– Standard School Operation Improvements

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