Not Just “Cannibal” Suarez: 4 Completely Bizarre World Cup Moments

Posted on June 26, 2014 in Lists, Sports

By Aritra Mukherjee:

Luis Suarez bit a player, again! And this time probably he wanted to see how an Italian Pizza tastes like. There have been some ridiculous accounts happening in this world cup and most of them are by players who are from esteemed clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid. Let’s take a look at few incidents that happened at this world cup which are beyond our comprehension.

1) Samaras Penalty

So you clip yourself (your knee) in the box and then get a penalty. I think that’s every footballers dream and worst part of this penalty was that it destroyed Ivory Coast’s dream and moreover, Greek players showed no remorse or made no apologetic comments post that incident.

2) Pepe Head-butt:
I blame the hair! I don’t know which part of Zidane’s incident he didn’t learn from, but FIFA clearly has a no-no policy on head butting and yet there he was, trying to head butt the best player of the match. It was quite shameful, as not only were Portugal routed but they were a defender short as well. It is so simple; you can’t do this kind of childish stuff on the grandest stage of them all.

3) Luis Suarez bite number 2 and bite number 3:
Yes, he has bitten before these incidents too!! I would say he likes the ‘taste’ of right backs. In 2012-2013 season, he served an 8 match ban for biting Ivanovic, who plays for Chelsea and one may think it might be stupid and he had learnt from his mistake. However, ‘Cannibal’ Suarez showed his true colours again during this world cup and bit the Italian defender. The world will remember and salute Luis Suarez for his stupidity. And if Uruguay fails to progress further, you know whom to blame, right?

4) Refereeing Errors:
I don’t know what kind of trainings these assistant referees receive but one thing is for sure that they have a very poor eye sight. In few matches, they have dictated which team they are playing for and it is often ridiculous as often the minnows lose out like Bosnia lost out against Argentina. A clear goal by Giovani Dos Santos was cancelled out and Fred was given a penalty for diving; the errors of refereeing in this world cup are far too many and I think it’s time for FIFA to take a deeper look at whom they hire.