This NGO In Pakistan Is Working To Educate Every Child In The World: Here’s A Role You Can Play

Posted on June 10, 2014 in Education, Entrepreneurship

By Harsha Samtani:

A dream came into existence three years ago, when a group of students in Pakistan decided that they will use the power of the pen to change the fate of the world. This dream was translated into a reality with the birth of Kaizen Pakistan Academy — An NGO which wants to educate every child in the world.


Education is the right of every child in the world, but some of them are unable to fulfil this need because of certain circumstances and are forced to work under the scorching heat. So instead of sitting down in a quite classroom, they are working hard towards earning a reasonable amount so that the family can survive in this capitalistic environment, and thus, they have their innocence ripped away.

It started-off with teaching a group of students using multiple school premises in their after school hours, but the NGO has gradually grown in size with a number of students on board, and to accommodate these students, Kaizen has finally decided to rent a proper place. The costs are high and the time is short and so they are trying to come up with ways through which they can help turn the place into a proper academy.


With a number of problems coming their way, including the increasing cost of providing free education, instilling the idea of education in the minds of the parents who previously thought that this necessity was way beyond their reach, and to improve upon the infrastructure of their facility- this NGO is battling the waves in the sea of hardships and constant struggle.

From sources in Pakistan, I got to know that they recently launched a digital campaign over the last weekend titled “Can You Help?” which is focused around asking people to play their part in developing the future of the world and to raise the amount required. Their spirits are high and their plans are phenomenal, and with a little support, these individuals are determined towards changing the world.


You can follow them on their Facebook page to find out what’s new and contact them directly if you would like to help them in any way possible.