A Powerful Poetic Campaign To Make You Question Your Stereotypes About The LGBTQI People

Posted on June 24, 2014 in LGBTQ, Society, Taboos, Video

A powerful video by Storytelling Twins, here’s how they have described the initiative:

“Ishq ki Ijaazat” is a poetic campaign to urge people to bring love out in the open. It is not about sexual preferences. It is about a basic right that every human being deserves — to be able to love with dignity, and not prejudice. It’s love, for God’s sake! Give it the respect it deserves.

In fear-draped cocoons hidden we’ve lain,
Under archaic curtains that colour our pain.
Now banish these laws, unshackle these chains,
Now treat us as equals, embraced without blame.

Society is meant to nurture souls. Law is meant to protect the people. Ironically, our society and laws deny some of us the freedom to love whoever we want to.

Out loud!