Frequent Deaths Of BJP Leaders Is Troubling And Can’t Be Ignored

Posted on June 11, 2014

By Mayank Jain:

BJP is now identified as the turnaround party which dethroned the decade old UPA rule and swept the country in a saffron wave. However, after coming into the power with flying colours in the elections, the party has found itself surrounded by many concerns. The bigger one among these is the constant loss of leaders and workers through attacks or accidents.

On GT Road, Greater Noida, sixteen vehicles were set ablaze by angry supporters of BJP worker Vijay Pandit who was shot dead by four unidentified people. Vijay Pandit, a leader of the BJP from Dadri was standing outside his house on Saturday, June 7th when three assailants came on motorcycles and repeatedly shot him. “They got off their bikes and began firing at Pandit. He was shot five times. Before anyone could react, the assailants fled the spot,” a police officer said. He was rushed to a hospital but he couldn’t survive the injuries and was declared dead.

Soon, riots erupted in the area as the mob gathered at the site. As per a report in Indian Express, “According to his supporters, Pandit had initiated a campaign against an extortion racket targeting traders in Dadri area. They claimed that he had been receiving death threats ever since he started his campaign and that police had not taken these threats seriously.”

There have been many theories floating about his death and police is yet to find anything concrete apart from detaining 4 people. The family demands a CBI inquiry and CM Akhilesh Yadav has ordered probe.

Another incident came to light just yesterday when a BJP leader from UP was shot by assailants on bike. Omveer, President of Meerpur city unit in Muzaffarnagar was shot dead amid UP government’s already frantic attempts to control violence in the state which is ever rising. More details are awaited on this case as the police investigation has only begun. It hasn’t been long since Gopinath Munde, Union Minister from BJP died of a car accident though there have been demands for probe into the same as well.

While politics, as we know it in India, turns bloody every now and then, frequent deaths of leaders and workers from the single largest party in the lower house of Parliament is worrisome on many counts. BJP’s constant loss of leaders implies that it has made some enemies along the way. The mid-summer tragedies don’t seem to end for the party here as it tries to live up to the expectations of various groups which voted for the party and it is bound to disappoint some of them.

Subramanian Swamy, on the other hand has taken to social media to continuously highlight this issue alleging that media is not reporting deaths of BJP ‘hindu’ leaders. His comments hold true since there have been frequent reports of killings of BJP leaders.

Uttar Pradesh, on one hand has become a breeding ground for criminals and the ‘gunda raj’ has seemingly made its return. On the other hand, there could be bigger forces at play than just local enmity. Nationwide attacks on the leaders of the ruling party can’t be ignored and a proper inquiry shouldn’t be skipped by the authorities.

Here is the post by Swamy:

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