Beyond The Protests: Why FIFA In Brazil Makes Sense

Posted on June 3, 2014

By Aritra Mukherjee:

Brazil is a country which is in the midst of turmoil and is experiencing massive changes in the economy and infrastructure, and its people have slightly lost faith in the person whom they trusted blindly. Brazil’s ex-president Lula sold the ‘Brazilian life’ and was one of the champions of Brazilian Development model; not only had he secured the FIFA World Cup bid but also the 2016 Rio Olympics. To put it in a nutshell, ‘he hit the jackpot’ and people bought it.


However, what many may have overlooked is that there is always a cost for development and success; it requires us to sacrifice our pleasures, our sleep and work relentlessly towards that goal. Surely, Brazilians didn’t expect that hosting two international events would be a walk in the park and if they did they have missed the plot all together. Brazilian Government is facing well deserved criticism for removing the Flavelas, raising taxes and also raising prices of simple commodities. Brazil is a country where people keep their emotions on their sleeves and are never hesitant to show it, hence, when such things occur they will let the world know that its government is going wrong. But unlike many governments in the world, their government is actually concerned about the long-term benefits for people and the nation at large.

One has to bear in mind that development is a long term process and not just a short-term investment hence, if we take a look at the positives of hosting an international event, there are many and one can find that China is reaping its rewards after hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics. Looking at China which is one of the members of BRIC (Union of Brazil, India, Russia and China), the country has seen major investments and showed to the world how much it has developed. The same goes for Brazil; it is an opportunity for Brazil to show its development and culture to the world, (apparently most of the world believes that it is only filled with jungles and no one has a job other than playing football and dancing samba). The Brazilian life is much more than that, it is a mix of passion, emotions, love and a sense of unparalleled patriotism.

This FIFA World Cup will be Brazil’s launch pad towards becoming a full-fledged MEDC and what most people have ignored is that an international tournament like this brings long-term investments into infrastructure. It especially boosts the tourism industry from which a country can expect to overcome one-third of its investment. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for the country to spread goodwill among the media, commercial partners etc. Furthermore, it generates foreign investment as one knows that many investors are shy of investing in a country they know little about, this World Cup provides Brazil the chance it needs to again generate the 8% growth rate it previously had.

Last but not the least, it encourages the youth. Surely one noticed how China performed in the 2008 Olympics, and how South Korea played with great vigour in 2002. Similarly, one expects that Brazil will soon find its new Pele, Zico and Ronaldo. These stadiums will provide great infrastructure for future generations and upcoming training facilities.

Right now, Brazil is an underdog trying to pack a punch which is way above its limits, let us, as humans and supporters of this beautiful sport as well as this paradise-like country, hope that Brazil succeeds in its bid and prove the world wrong and give us the best World Cup that the world has seen so far.

Vamos Brasil!!!

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