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[VIDEO] Blood Monk: An Amazing Initiative That Connects Blood Donors To Blood Receivers

Posted on June 17, 2014 in Health and Life, Specials, Video

By Rihaan Patel:

Every 2 seconds, someone in the country needs blood and more than 50,000 blood donations are required every day. As much as 60% of the country’s population is eligible for blood donation but only 1% donates in a given year. Shortage of blood is a growing concern in the country like India which faces most road deaths in the world and thousands of cancer cases which need new blood regularly.

Watching his own uncle struggle to get a unit of blood when he was in the hospital moved Amit Panchal to do something about the blood shortage in the country and connect blood donors to blood receivers. Thus, he started Blood Monk which connects the two groups through multiple platforms including a mobile app. The initiative is fast catching up and over 100 people have benefited already. Watch this hope inducing 5 minute documentary about them: