[VIDEO] This Shocking Social Experiment Shows How We Conveniently Ignore Domestic Violence Against Men!

Posted on June 6, 2014 in Domestic Violence, Society, Taboos, Video

Nikki Gloudeman succinctly puts across a very important point in an article titled ‘Why Women Shouldn’t Be Excused for Violence Against Men’: “Of course, there are sound reasons to be less alarmed about female-on-male violence than the opposite: Namely, men are typically more physically dominant and therefore able to inflict more harm on women, and they tend to be in a position of power when the violence is happening.

But if the reason to brush off this form of violence is a lack of physical impact, should we then allow men to be violent against women when there’s no threat of injury? Is it OK in situations where the man is physically weaker than his female partner? What about homosexual couples — is lesbian violence always fine and gay violence always not… or does it not matter, because they’re hypothetically on a similar playing field?

The confusion inherent to this argument leads to another possible conclusion — and it’s one that casts an aphotic shadow over my own past experience. It’s never OK for a woman to violently attack a man, just as it is never OK when a man does it.”

40% of domestic violence is against men in the UK. Violence is violence, no matter who it’s aimed at. This social experiment by ManKind Initiative exposes our double standards regarding domestic violence. ManKind Initiative’s mission is to directly, and indirectly help others to, support male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence across the UK and within their local communities.