10 Photos That Tell You What It Means To Be A Child Labourer In India

Posted on July 11, 2014 in Campaign, Lists, PhotoNama

You see them everywhere- children doing things that were never meant for them. Children cleaning streets, sweeping railway stations, working in factories, toiling at construction sites; children working as servants, begging, serving at hotels, washing clothes, selling tea. This list is endless and it is extremely brutal. But even more shocking is our apathy towards these kids and the fact that we have learned to ignore, turn around and forget them without a single emotion or thought.

With rampant employment of children as labour around us, we have learned to cover ourselves with this numb indifference which won’t help them in any way. What happens when we make a conscious effort to look at them and try to find out ways to change their situation? With just one honest effort to focus, we find them everywhere, and a simple look into the innocent eyes of these children can make us do a lot more than turning away.

As an agent of change, CRY-Child Rights and You, ensures that the fundamental rights of underprivileged children in India are protected and honoured. As a part of its ongoing campaign “Click Rights”, CRY has used the power of photography to bring those innocent lives in front of you. Now is the time to look at this harsh reality of our society, to not avoid the truth and to take action.

Photo Credit: Abhirup
Photo Credit: Alok Surya
Photo Credit: Atreyee Kar
Photo Credit: Hema Narayan
Photo Credit: Irfan Baig
Photo Credit: Sakshi Jain
Photo Credit: Sayeeda
Photo Credit: Soudip
Photo Credit: Ujjawal
Photo Credit: Ujjawal

The founder of CRY, Late Rippan Kapur once said, “What I can do, I must do.” It’s your time now. Pledge your support to stop child labour here.